Saturday, November 12, 2011

birthday-brussels-holiday races-Inspire Me!

What a crazy title, right?
Well, I have a lot to talk about this morning...

TODAY is my hubby's b-day...yep, he's 33!

Those brussels sprouts last night-OH MY GOODNESS, SO GOOD! Here's what I did a little differently. I sliced the brussels, mixed all of the other stuff-the olive oil, red wine vinegar, thyme, garlic slices(I used 2 cloves instead of 1) and a little seasalt! Then I tossed the brussels in that mixture, and then spread onto the pan evenly. I baked at 450 for 10 min. and then flipped, and roasted another 10min. Take them out of the oven and sprinkle with Parmesan cheese! I'm SO serious, they were so good. We had both of our parents over for dinner. Served these with grilled chicken breasts and baked sweet potatoes! A few of them had never tasted brussels sprouts in their life and LOVED THEM!! Yay! TRY THEM :)

I need some great Thanksgiving/Christmas virtual races?? Please share if you know of a few! My husband will be working for both of these holidays and I'd like a virtual race that motivates me to RUN on those days, since I won't be able to attend a "real" race. I'd really appreciate you sharing!

And don't forget about my Inspire Me! Series! I know many of you that comment and read my blog have amazing stories and TONS of inspiration to share with my readers! Come on! All you have to do is email me a little about YOU! Why you blog about fitness? What gives you motivation? I love reading all of your blogs, they inspire me and push me to keep doing what I am doing...knowing there are others out there that share my passion, so why not share your story and gain some new readers too?! Email me, with your blog address and tell me whatever you'd like to share! I'll feature these on Mondays, so hurry up! Feel free to send pictures to go along with your story/accomplishments! Can't wait to open my inbox and see all of YOUR emails!!!!


fancy nancy said...

I've never liked brussels sprouts but this sounds good. Head over to Daily Vitamin F. She's hosting a virtual 5k for Thanksgiving and Christmas!

Elle said...

I was going to send you to Daily Vitamin F but I see Nancy has beaten me to it!

I think your brussel sprouts recipe looks good. I don't like them steamed and these ingredients do look good.


Katie @ Will Race for Carbs said...

I was going to say Daily Vitamin F too. I haven't been paying attention because I can't do one...maybe by Christmas!! I will try to get my act together and email you about what inspires me!

Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

Happy Birthday to your hubby! It is my 6th anniversary today. A good day :) How much info do you want for your inspiration series?

Jessica Washburn said...

I like the idea of a virtual race too...keep me posted. I'm running on Thanksgiving but Christmas would be cool too. :) Come check out my latest post on my first 10k.

Jessica Washburn said...

K, I'm back with a virtual Thanksgiving run you can check out. :)

XLMIC said...

Later this week I'll be posting a holiday run for December. But I haven't finished the post yet :P

And no one in my family but me will eat brussels sprouts... that recipe might change that!

Also wondering, like Christy, how much detail/info you are wanting for the Inspire Me! thing?

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