Wednesday, November 30, 2011

BL's Sunny...I think I wanted her to win?

     I really don't have a "favorite" this season, which makes me sad.  I usually pick the one person I think will take it all the way until the finale and lose a crazy amount of weight and share their story and passion with millions for years to come!  Ha, okay so I may not predict the winner every season, but I'd like to think I'm pretty darn good at it! 

     Last night I was pretty bummed to learn that Sunny was eliminated.  Maybe because she was from Texas?  Possibly because I felt for her, after all of those years not "living" her life.  Secluded and not doing things with her husband and children...all because she was hiding behind her weight.  We all know people like Sunny.  You know they can be SO much more...and you want so much more for them.  Bob said Sunny reminded him of his very own sister, struggling with weight most of her life.
Sunny, 41 from Frisco, Texas
Fifth Grade Teacher, Starting Weight: 277 lbs.

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and when they showed "where she is now" in her weight loss journey after this episode aired...she looked even MORE amazing...almost losing 100lbs!  Yay Sunny!
Do you have a favorite this season? Did you think Sunny should have made it to the final four?


Kathy said...

My favorite is Dolvett - oh wait, you meant the contestants? Haha. I didn't have a favorite. I'll be happy with anyone winning except John. I get a creepy vibe from him and at the same time his interviews remind me of Kevin from The Office.

Jessica Washburn said...

Thanks for the spoiler. :) I'm just kidding, we were following it this season until we dropped t.v. so I am behind. I'll have to watch it on hulu if I ever get a minute. I don't have a favorite...unles Bob counts. I just love that guy! I'd marry him if I could. :)

Bridie said...

I only started watching Biggest Loser last season and I am so hooked! I always wondered what could be appealing about watching a bunch of obese people struggle to workout, but it is done in such an effective and inspiring way. What I was thinking last night, though, is I wish they showed a little more of the behind the scenes stuff. As I struggle with my knee ache starting to come back, and I doubt I am working out as much as they are.....are they getting regular massage/chiro/sports med consultations to remain injury free? Given their weight and starting fitness level, you'd think they would be super prone to injuries. What are they eating? Are they learning to cook for themselves or are meals provided? These are my burning questions!!!

Run with Jess said...

Hahaha!! I agree with Kathy... Dolvett is the STANDOUT this season for me. Love love love him! Ok, I do like Sunny, but there hasn't really been one that I've been pulling for. I don't hate any of them, but there's no standout favorite either.

Jen said...

I don't really have a favorite this year. but yea I felt bad for Sunny getting booted last night.

Elle said...

I didn't have a favorite this season, either but was kind of annoyed to see Sunny go and John stay.

Of those that are IN, I would support Becky first.

It will be interesting with the marathon winner getting in too. Final 5? Hmmmm.

Sam {} said...

i haven't really found a fave yet. sunny looks amazing!! she is such a beautiful woman and i know her story will touch many.

happy weekend :)

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