Friday, December 2, 2011

NEW menu items around town!

I love finding new, healthier items at certain restaurants and yesterday I was able to find two!  I was excited to share these with all of you!  Who doesn't love finding great menu options for those times when you're out and don't have time for breakfast or lunch at home?!  
I skipped today's workout but tomorrow it's back to training!  My husband will be off for 12 days (vacation!!) so we plan on really taking our running and other workouts, over the top!  I want to reach/exceed my goals for the half marathon in these next few weeks, while we're able to alternate with the boys and take turns on long runs! 
 I find that to be the hardest part:  Finding a way to both workout while one of us keeps the boys!  We only have the outdoors and our living room for exercise purposes, no gym or equipment
 NO EXCUSES, we make it work!

Last night, while I was grabbing Subway for dinner, I noticed a new side item on their menu.  The 160 calorie, yogurt parfait!  Looks pretty good, right?  I had no idea that they added this to their menu choices.  What a great idea!!  Grab a 6-inch sub for lunch, take a parfait TO GO and if you're headed back to work, you'll have your afternoon snack!  I love yogurt and with the crunch from the granola...Mmm, has to be yummy!  I admit, I didn't see what the actual parfait looked like, I meant to check and totally forgot.  Have you tried it??

Also, Smoothie King has launched their Lean1 smoothies.  I used to drink these all of the time, that was before kids...where I could spend hours at the gym and spend lots of money on myself!  Ha, but it was nice to go back to my most favorite place, Smoothie King!  I went with vanilla, but I probably should have tried strawberry, since I love all things strawberry!  Here's a little about the new, Lean1, vanilla:

Lean1™ Vanilla

Burn body fat up to 68% faster with Lean1! This great tasting, high-protein smoothie is known for fighting hunger cravings, plus it helps tone and define muscles. With 27 vitamins & minerals, it also aids in speeding recovery from workouts. Available in Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry.


Bananas, Almonds, Lean1 Vanilla

Nutritional Information

serving size:
Calories 273
Fat (g) 10
Saturated fat (g) 1
Calories from fat 80
Cholesterol (mg) 3
Carbohydrates (g) 26
Sugar (g) 17
Protein (g) 22
Sodium (mg) 317
Fiber (g) 5
This smoothie had a great flavor.  I chose 20oz and drank about half.  It was filling-I used it as breakfast, since that morning we were running around like crazy trying to get my oldest to school and there's a Smoothie King drive-thru very close to the school!  Yay!  This smoothie had great texture and seriously helped me stay satisfied!  At 270 calories, you probably don't want to use this as a daily meal but if you like variety, this is worth a try!  I wanted to explore their menu a little more because I read that you can request to make it less sugar/calories?  I'll definitely have to check that out!  
Have you tried Smoothie King?  Do you have a Smoothie King near you?  Mmm, you should give the Lean1 or any other smoothie on their menu a try very soon!

Disclosure: Smoothie King sent me a gift card to purchase a Lean1 smoothie in exchange for my honest review of their product.  No other compensation was received.  All opinions are 100% mine.  


fancy nancy said...

That smoothie sounds great! We don't have any of those up here. It would be so much easier than making my own! A lot less dishes!

Jessica Washburn said...

That's cool. I love the sound of the parfait. My gym (Lifetime Fitness), has the best food at the cafe, but the parfait which I LOVE is about 400 thanks! :) Jessica

btw, check your email, I got back to you with a date for the MMM.

Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

I tried the fruit and yogurt at subway and thought it so so. The fruit was still frozen.

No Smoothie Kings around here :(

Katie @ Will Race for Carbs said...

No smoothie king by me. But that did sound good.

Good luck with kicking up the workouts a notch. It is so hard sometimes to find workout time with the kids. Ugh! But I love your attitude. No excuses!!

Bridie said...

I'm a little weird about food, especially fruit, so I generally won't eat fruit unless it's purchased and prepared by me. It sort of skeeves me out wondering how long that fruit has been sitting in that parfait cup.

I agree that the hardest part of working out is not taking too much time away from the kids.....hence my 4:30 am start to the day most days....but no excuses, we make it work!

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