Monday, December 19, 2011

Inspire Me! Series

                 compliments of Motivate Me Monday, hosted by Jessica @ Running to be Skinny!

  We both realized once this series started, that we were both featuring motivating stories on Mondays!  So, this week I am very honored to be her feature story HERE If you haven't read her blog, it's great and very inspiring!  She's another amazing blogger that I've "met" who puts her health as a top priority in her life and that is motivating in itself!  From sharing my story, I hope you will help me spread the message that change is always an option!  You or someone you love can change their life NOW.  Not tomorrow, not next week...NOW!  If you make up your mind and set a goal for yourself, you'll reach it and never look back.  You have to believe in yourself and it helps to have a support system along the way, helping push you to finish what you've started! 

 Merry Christmas and hope you can spread the word of healthy living at your Christmas gatherings this year!!  As for my back, it's healing and we'll see how my afternoon run goes...thank you again for all of the kind words.

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