Thursday, December 29, 2011

ready for a HEALTHY New Year?

First of all, I'd like to wish you all a Happy New Year 2012 from the Move It Momma!

What are you thinking in terms of goals for the new year?  If losing weight, getting healthy or getting physically fit is on your mind, you might want to keep a few things in mind this time of year:

*gyms will be offering HUGE incentives for signing up in January.  Usually waiving enrollment fees, offering lower monthly dues and much more.  I suggest calling the gyms in your area to see the deals.
*home workout equipment is usually interest free and you can find some great deals at your local retailers.
Use a food journal!  It's amazing what writing down your food will do for you.  It will usually help you understand that although you THINK you're eating healthy and keeping your calories in control, the candy jar at work and the handful of munchies while cooking dinner might actually be adding up to more than you think.  "If you bite it, WRITE IT!"  
Set smaller goals!  And once you reach those goals, set another and another and ANOTHER!  If you always have a goal in mind, it'll keep you focused on the task at hand!
Find workouts that you actually ENJOY doing!  We are all different and enjoy different things!  Find what works for YOU!  A local CrossFit, boot camp, gym, track, anything that keeps you active!  My husband and I choose to run outdoors and not use a gym, but it's every person for themselves...if you don't LOVE doing it, chances are you'll probably get bored and quit before reaching your goals.  
Find a support system! Having people around you to push you, motivate and guide you to reaching your goals is always a positive key!  Although you MUST believe in yourself, when others hold us accountable, sometimes we succeed more than we thought possible!
NO MORE EXCUSES!  You can do anything in 2012 and all of the time!  Believe in yourself.  Nobody can hold your hand through this.  It's a tough struggle and we all have moments of defeat, but it's how we come out of it and if you come out stronger and you meet and exceed your goals this year, I promise you will live a happier, more fulfilling life!  

How will you make 2012 a happier, HEALTHIER year?  
What are your goals?  
If you say those goals out loud and often, they'll run through your mind all day, every day!  

As for me, I'm still struggling with my back pain, but I am NOT letting it get me down!  I will run 13.1 miles on January 15th!  I have waited long enough for this day to arrive and I'll be ready!  Even if I must interval walk/run, I will cross that finish line with a smile on my face and most likely, tears in my eyes!  It's totally worth it, knowing how far I've come and I plan to make 2012 the best year yet!  Taking my running to the next level and seeing where it will take me.  Possibly my long awaited dream of a triathlon?  Hmm, we'll see!


The Smiths said...

You are quite motivating!! I'm working on losing the baby weight. I choose the gym because then I have someone there to watch the kiddos :)

Anonymous said...

Happy new year!

Mommy Minded said...

I LOVE this post. I am preparing today!

Hannah said...

Happy New Year!!! Great post, I especially love the part about setting small goals and then once you achieve those set a new one! That is how I role too :)

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