Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I need a TOP 5?

It's well known that I MUST run to music!  I have tried running in silence and listening to my body, but I just can't help myself...I wanna ROCK!  Ha!

As the half marathon gets closer, I find myself wanting some GREAT songs for that final mile...I know I'll be hurting and wanting to finish strong, so I'm going to need some motivating music!
Any suggestions?  
What's a song that pushes you through your run and helps you find that last burst of energy to put you across that finish line, with a smile on your face?!  Hopefully I'll be smiling?  Right? Ha!  

Anybody watching the Biggest Loser Marathon tonight?  I'm SO excited to see it!  No better motivation than these people pushing themselves 26.2 miles, after gaining their life back and losing weight!  Woohoo!  Oh and it'll be great to see Bob and Dolvett at the finish line :)


Lilwelly5 said...

Takin' care of business always gets me pumped up! My other favorite to run to is Just the way you are by Bruno Mars, it always makes me emotional because my husband is always telling me that and i am working hard to finally believe it!

I am missing the Biggest Loser marathon because i am working tonight but my hubby and i will watch it together tomorrow night. I am a huge fan! The contestants are always amazing and inspire me to be better!

fancy nancy said...

Sexy and You Know It....Ke$ha...umm I'll have to think about it a little more! I am so all over the marathon tonight! If I knew Dolvett was waiting for me at the finish line I may run faster!!!

Holly said...

No love By Eminem, any of his songs really!

kimert said...

I watched the Marathon! Wow! :)

Top 5???
That's tough. My music mood depends on my particular run. And now I am in the habit of only running with music when I am forced onto the treadmill!

Bridie said...

I never knew watching a marathon could be so fun! It was a great episode. Especially since I like most of the eliminated contestants better than the final four.

Green Day always pumps me up.

Katie @ Will Race for Carbs said...

Okay, I have to check my iPod and get back to you. I know there are songs, but I just can't remember them right now!! I know there is some website and you can put in your pace and they will match songs to your pace. Sounds cool but I haven't ever tried it and I don't know what it is called. Oh I am so helpful today, aren't I!! I will get back to you on the songs!

mommyrunfast said...

Just found your blog- it's great to find other moms who run! And I'm planning to do the Houston half as well! Happy running!

jillconyers said...

My top 5 changes but for now
Party Rock Anthem
Sexy and You Know It (or something like that)
Kickstart My Heart
New Divide by Linkin Park
pretty much anything by Black Eyed Peas

I'm looking for new music! Maybe you'll share you final playlist :)

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