Thursday, May 31, 2012

Did you say Millet?

  • Millet is a nutritionally rich grain, high in protein, fiber, magnesium and phosphorus.
  • 1-cup serving of cooked millet contains 6 g of protein.
  • Whole grains are a concentrated source of nutrients, rich in essential vitamins such as iron, B vitamins and fiber. 
  • Including more whole grains in your diet may reduce your risk of both cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes.
  • Millet is gluten-free and has a mild flavor.

For basic preparation of Millet Seed: 

3 cups water
1 cup Millet, washed and drained.

Place millet, salt and water in a heavy sauce pan, cover and bring to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer for 30 minutes. Remove and serve.

The millet may be dry roasted after washing, for a lighter, fluffier texture and a slight nutty flavor. Vegetables such as organic corn, winter squash, carrots, onions or cabbage can be added separately or combined for a sweeter flavor. 

*Many gluten-free cooking books, websites and blogs offer a lot of great Millet recipes, so try it out and let me know what you think!  I haven't tried it yet, but plan on trying it over the weekend...I'll let you know if my family approves :-)

My favorite company, Bob's Red Mill had this on the description of their Hulled Millet product, 
     "Hulled Millet is often referred to as birdseed, however, it is very nutritious for humans as well as birds. Like rice, millet is a staple food of the Far East. It is easily digested because it is alkaline whereas most other grains are acidic. Use millet to make a delicious cereal, prepare and serve just like you would steamed rice, or add a half cup to your favorite yeast bread recipe for a delicious crunchy texture."

Yesterday's Workout:  My spin workouts on the back porch are getting REALLY hot, so it makes for a super sweaty mess but a great workout! 
just a funny before and after of my spin workout yesterday,

no sweat!

totally drenched...ewww!

Today's Workout:  3 mile run in the neighborhood at 7am!  
The humidity was horrible this morning, I could barely breathe, but I managed 3 miles before having to come home and drink tons of water!  Yuck!!  

Have you tried Millet?  How did you prepare it and did you like it?

Do you enjoy outdoor workouts in the summer?  


Mommy Minded said...

I am picking some up this weekend to try!

I would rather work out outdoors but sometimes the Texas heat doesnt allow it. :( I just bought a membership to a local family center that has a track upstairs. It will come in handy this summer!

Elle said...

Even sweaty you still look beautiful! Yes, I do like millet and we cook it once in a while and eat it hot for breakfast. I have also used it cold in salads.

I did a post about it on my food blog a while back as it is one of the staples I always had on hand on the boat.

jillconyers said...

Yes. I love working out outdoors during the summer as long as I can go early morning or late evening. Lots of humidity here too and I never look that good after a humid run :)

Starting my plant based and gluten free challenge this week I noticed how many recipes call for millet. Thanks for the info!

Bridie Sellers said...

I have never tried millet, but I keep thinking I should! Outdoor workouts in the heat are just ok. I love the cleansing feeling of sweating so much, but I don't like how much my pace slows down.

Laura Boll said...

I've only made it a few times, thanks for the reminder to pick it up again! Yes- this humidity is intense! Whew- I'm already counting down the days to October. :)

Samantha said...

What do you do on your back porch?? Spin like on a bike? I'm so clueless lol
<3 Sam

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