Thursday, May 3, 2012


It's so GROSS but it feels so good!  Ha!  I secretly love to get a good sweat on, how about you?  

I know that I'm working hard and burning calories and that is a great feeling!  

I decided with temps already in the mid-80's this morning, I should not clock my miles, check my calories, I should just RUN.  
And that's exactly what I did...I ran!  
It felt so good not to have a goal in mind and by the time I came home, I looked like this...and I was pretty stinky too, thank goodness you can't smell the picture!  LOL!
I have said this before, but I seriously sweat like a MAN.  It's no joke.  It's totally gross and my shirt was drenched...ewww, right?  I hope you're not eating while reading this post...
 How did YOU get your sweat on today?  
 Do you sweat like a Man too?!!

and while our little one has been battling a virus...yuck!  
My husband and I have been getting some great workouts in, which helps with the stress from taking care of a sick kiddo before our Disney trip...
now let's hope and pray that we all stay well from now through our trip too!  We were excited to find out that there's some great jogging trails at our Disney Resort, so we're definitely going to take advantage of those!  We leave in 3 days and we can hardly wait...Disney, here we come!
and thankfully little man seems back to normal today!  woohoo!  It was sure sad watching a little, almost 3 year old, feeling so sick and helpless!  Lots of Momma love seemed to help and now he's back to his old, silly self again :-)


Bridie said...

I definitely sweat like a man! It was so hot and humid in our spin class this morning, my sports bra and shirt were soaked through. Then I did 3 miles outside over lunch and sweat a ton there as well. It's amazing how much you have to slow down in the heat and humidity, I've learned not to watch my pace either, otherwise it drives me nuts. You might want to get a heart rate monitor, I've been wearing one for all my workouts and it gives you a good sense of effort and normalizes for those environmental factors.

Sorry the kiddo is sick. That is the worst! Have a blast at Disney!

Lilwelly5 said...

I love to get a good sweat ontoo. I really feel like I have accomplished something. I was soaked this morning after my four mile run. I don't think I had a dry spot on my clothes.
Sorry to hear about the sick kiddo. That is always so hard, but at least you are taking care of yourself too by getting out there and working out. Enjoy your trip to Disney. I can't wait to hear all about it and the wonderful running that you get in.

fancy nancy said...

I totally sweat like a hog when it is hot out!! Love it!!! My little one has been sick too...glad your little man is on the mend!

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