Monday, May 7, 2012

a few words...

before our Disney trip!

We are bringing our workout gear and are hoping for a few trail runs while we're there!
We plan on relaxing!  
But we also plan on having a blast riding rides, watching shows, meeting characters 
AND celebrating my littlest man's 3rd birthday while we're there!  
Can't believe when we get home, he'll be three.  Ah ok Momma, keep it together...
We plan on working on our tan 
...we will also try our best to eat nice, balanced meals while we're there but something tells me this may not happen the entire time we're there...I know we've ordered a delicious b-day cake for our boy, so maybe just one slice?
We hope our boys have a trip of a lifetime that they'll never forget!

This week's workouts were good but lots going on this week...

Yea, that's a hole in the ceiling of our master bedroom.  We had a leak and it had to be cut to find the source.  So, we are leaving for vacation with THIS nice hole, but hey...once we arrive, I'm sure we'll forget about this...right??  
We are happy to report that so far, the boys are very well and excited about our trip!
We plan on forgetting about all of this house mess while we're there, don't worry!!!

On a side note, a goal that I have for this month is to hydrate A LOT more before, during and after my outdoor workouts.  With our hot temps, it can be extremely dangerous and I've found myself running mid-day and feeling very dizzy, light-headed and I get goosebumps while drenched in sweat.  I know that's my body telling me to slow down, cool off and rest but I push through...and while it's awesome to wanna push myself further, I know that its dangerous.  Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate...keep that in mind during the summer months, especially if you live in an area like Texas!  Running here in the summer is sort of like running through soup...and I'm not even sure what that means!!!  LOL

and for our May Goals,
if you've set some great goals for the month of May, figure out what it will take to reach these goals, write it down and make the change.  
It may be a small goal or a small step to a much larger goal...whatever it is, keep it within reach!  Don't lose sight of that goal this month...change is possible and it's important to remember to never give up!  
Sometimes when we have a larger goal, we tend to lose sight if that change doesn't happen fast.  We all want QUICK results right?  We must understand that reaching a goal isn't going to be easy and it will take work and dedication, but once you reach that goal, it'll be a feeling like you've never felt before.  

*I am especially talking to myself when I say these works!  
It's like the daily pep talk that I give myself while I'm drinking my morning coffee!!!  Ha!


fancy nancy said...

Have a wonderful time in Disney!!! My daughter turning 3 was a hard one for me grown up!!! Have a blast and walk an extra trail for that slice!!! All about balance!!

Samantha said...

Hydrate while you're there too!! You don't want to get any of those symptoms while youre hanging with Mickey!!
Have so much fun!!! Enjoy this awesome family time!!
Happy 3rd bay buddy!!
<3 Sam

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