Thursday, May 24, 2012

some pain and Wellspring...

I'm experiencing some pain in my right hip...sort of the same pain I was feeling during my half marathon training, so not sure if I should think about new running shoes or I should see a doctor, but yesterday during my run, I was in A LOT of pain :-(
I'm worried that it's more than just sore's to the point where it aches throughout the day.  

Today I am not running, will try my spin bike on the back porch and see if that helps...less impact!  I am loving my very, own spin classes outdoors, although it's TOO hot around here already, a good 30 minutes on the bike allows me to sweat like CRAZY!!!  And we've already established that I sweat like a grown man, so you can imagine what I'll look like out there spinning in August...YUCK!!!!!!!

To keep my mind off the constant pain issues, I've been reading Portion Size Me, the book I talked about last week regarding the 12 year old that decided that his entire family needed CHANGE!  Sure glad he spoke up and happy they listened...they should have done something sooner, but who's judging?!!!  I loved your comments on this issue, I agreed with everything you all said...

Some other news I find alarming and I guess good?  Wellspring Camps which is basically an academy that's tuition runs around 50,000 a year!  Yea, you heard right...$50,000/student!!!!!

It was featured on Dateline as well as other media outlets, but this is pretty much a last resort to obese and overweight children.  These children weigh in at around 300-400 lbs, and lose on average 12-15lbs a week in their first few weeks and their weight loss is amazing!  

HOWEVER, I have an issue with parents being able to shell out 50k, but can't seem to research and pull together as a family to get it done...don't you?  
Or maybe I'm not seeing the full benefits of this program.  

Don't get me wrong, I think it's great that these seriously, at-risk children are getting the help that they desperately need BUT will their habits that helped them reach 300lbs go away once they return home?  Are their families taking classes on how to raise healthy children, or are they at home eating and acting as they did before?  I'd like to know more about the families responsibilities while that obese teen is away at school.  

These children that were being interviewed seemed absolutely helpless and that makes me SAD.  So sad. 
They should have felt like there was somewhere they could turn, right?  
I mean, 1 in 3 children are considered overweight or obese these days...that's CRAZY.  As an overweight teen myself, I felt alone.  Not very many teenagers were overweight as I was growing up and let's get real...I was "growing up" not that long ago.  
The report stated that our overweight/obese rate in children has tripled in the past 10 years...that's a scary statistic.  

What do you think?  Is this academy a great solution to overweight teens and their families?  


hiker mom said...

Wow, $50,000, that's crazy! I agree, with all that money they could join a gym and have a personal trainer every day. I hope your hip feels better:)

Kathy said...

I hope your hip feels better soon! I have to check out that book - it looks so interesting...kudos to the kiddo for sure. I hate to say it, but my first reaction was to judge the parents who didn't recognize what damage they were doing in the first place - but I don't know their story, so I'll read the book first!

Christy MyDirtRoadAnthem said...

Ugh hip pain, I have been battling it for a couple weeks too.

The child obesity thing is scary. and 50,000 a year, not a lot of people I know could afford that!

Nadine said...

About the hip, have you tried a chiropractor? I find they are always able to fix my hip issues (but my hips are just a wee bit out of place so they need to be popped back in every now and then).
As for the 50k, CRAZY that anyone can afford that much money, and really it can be fixed without that big investment, gym, healthy food and that's it.
Will try and get this book at the library, but the childhood obesity epidemic is insane, scary and sad.

Elle said...

I think $50K is excessive to say the least!

Sorry about the hip... is it in the joint?

Bridie said...

I think with $50,000 you could hire a personal trainer, nutritionist, and psychologist to come into your home and cousel the whole family on what changes need to be made. Children aren't going to be able to go home and continue this new lifestyle if the parents haven't made a change themselves. The biggest issue with this sort of academy is that the parents that send the kids there obviously do not care to take any accountability in the health of their child, beyond writing a big check. Is it any wonder their kids are overweight?

Laura Boll said...

So sorry about your hip! I'd definitely back off running for a few days, and hopefully things will resolve themselves.

misszippy said...

Totally with you on this camp. What happens when the kids return to the family's regular lifestyle? Such a sad thing that a camp like this even exists!

Hope your hip issues are minor and over quickly for you!

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