Tuesday, June 26, 2012

it was rough...and a sports bra that I LOVE!

I had a great morning workout, some spinning followed by a 45 minute boot camp workout video.  Since temps are reaching 104 today, we headed to our neighborhood pool!  The boys had a blast, especially my five year old who was SO impressed with the Olympic trials last night that he wanted to attempt some lap swimming of his own...
We swam for a long time and then I decided I'd try swimming laps!  
You probably know where this story is headed...

Our pool was roped off and is 25M each way.  I started off pretty good, freestyle then changed it up with backstroke...and so on!  Uh, how many did I get in before I felt my heart beating out of my chest??

FOUR!  Yea, FOUR!!!  And sadly, I actually stopped to catch my breathe during the third lap!  

I thought to myself, "OMG really???" 

Then the high school lifeguard says, "you're doing great, keep it up!  All of the lifeguards that work here have to do 300M without stopping"...
-I thought to myself, Thanks young, lifeguard girl who has no idea that I've given birth to two children and am in my 30's!!!  Not to mention, I haven't swam laps since college, possibly even high school!!!

What's the point of my story, you ask?  Well, we all know I've wanted to attempt and set a goal to complete a triathlon in my near future...if I felt like I was dying during my four lap swim, how will I manage to swim, bike and then finish with a strong run?  
I'd be like jell-o...and not pretty looking jell-o either!!  

I always consider myself to be in pretty good shape, BUT swimming today was sure eye-opening for me!  
Gives me a new goal to attain!  Woohoo!  
I will make sure I gain endurance and am able to get at least 200M without stopping!  
I mean, I should have been able to do that today! 

Enough about my lack of endurance, let's talk sports bras...a great sports bra!  
They were kind enough to send me a Empower PostureCue sports bra to try out during my workouts!  

First of all, this bra is AMAZING!  
Hands down, the best sports bra I've ever worn!  
It's comfortable, fit perfectly and held everything in place-which is SO important when it comes to great workout apparel!  
From their website:  "The Empower Sports Bra is the first sports bra developed that supports your front from the back, providing a gentle PostureCue-ing of the muscles that support and align your spine and shoulders. The sports bra is so comfortable, you can wear it daily and so functional that simply wearing it enhances and re-trains your posture"
This bra honestly helped me remain in my correct posture throughout my workout!  This is very important for me because I've found that during intense running in the heat, I tend to slack on my posture due to fatigue and I'm thinking this bra will help where I need it most!  I haven't tried it with running, but I plan on doing that tomorrow!  
The IntelliSkin name speaks for itself because it feels like you aren't wearing a binding, uncomfortable sports bra...it rests perfectly against your skin in all the right places!  
We, as women know that finding some workout apparel is very important when it comes to staying fit and IntelliSkin has raised the bar for me in the future!  I hope to try some of their other products very soon and can't wait to share the feedback with all of you...

I received the Empower PostureCue sports bra for free in exchange for my honest review.  No other compensation was received and all opinions are 100% mine.  


christina said...

I am the exact same way doing laps right now... I can run a half marathon no problem but cant swim 5 freaking laps without wanting to die. I just keep reminding myself that a few years ago running felt the same way. Just need to keep trying.

fancy nancy said...

I know I would be the same way with swimming! It really is just that you are rocking the other forms of exercise and swimming is just a whole other ball of wax. I want to do a tri next year and I know the swimming part is going to kill me! Lots of practice....you'll get there in no time!!!

jillconyers said...

It's so cool that you want to complete a tri. You'll gain the endurance you need!


B said...

I'm a busty gal, getting back in shape after two babies - do you think this bra would be good for support when working out???

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