Friday, June 22, 2012

vacation eats: healthy or unhealthy?

It's a problem that many of us face, especially in the summer!  
Eating healthy while on vacation.
Is this a tough one for you and your family?  
My husband, boys and I usually prepare and eat pretty healthy while out of town and on vacation, but it does take some pre-planning and making sure you have enough good eats to keep you fueled while on the go!  

This will leave less room for giving into those indulgent, quick foods we see all too often while traveling...
yea, you know what I'm talking about!!

Since we decided to try out our new travel trailer this week, we didn't bring the healthiest of foods, but I still managed to eat small portions and keep my carb intake to a minimum, while getting in lots of fresh fruit but I'll admit we were lacking on the veggies this time around :(

What I did correctly was prepare several meals before the trip to heat up on the skillet while we were there!  I made an egg casserole with turkey sausage and eggs to serve on whole wheat tortillas!  Also a broccoli dish that I cooked, froze and thawed there too!  I don't think 2 meals were quite enough for these hungry boys, so next time I'll know better, but live and learn!  And simple, frozen grapes made the perfect, no-mess snack that kept us cooled off outdoors!  Brilliant!

 (my boys enjoying their very first camping trip this week)

As for me, our next camping trip we'll do more pre-planning 
and use the following tips to keep in mind while on vacation.  
Even if you aren't camping this summer, these are great tips to keep in mind for road trips or any type of family, pack up and ENJOY!!!

 Pack apples, pears, grapes, pineapples and precut watermelon are easy to carry and provide quick, lasting energy. Nuts and fresh-cut vegetables like carrots or celery are also great trail snacks.

For a hot dinner, wrap seasoned veggies in foil and throw in the campfire. Sweet potatoes, squash and onions are easy to make and do not require refrigeration to stay fresh.

Pack energy bars wherever you go. Whether you are hiking, swimming, canoeing or lounging, energy bars provide a nutritious energy boost with no preparation. Look for brands with whole grains, raw nuts and low sugar content.

Keep an ice chest packed with water, frozen veggies and premade meals.

Today's Workout:
I'm on day 5 of Jess's challenge and feeling great!  I had felt awful for going three days(while camping) without workout out, so we came home today and I took off for a 4 miler at 2pm!  

First of all, NOT SMART!  
It was SO hot...too hot.  I felt awful out there and I had to keep stopping to drench my head and neck with water.  
I survived the run, but have learned my lesson.
I need to pay more attention to my body and to these Texas high-heat/humidity conditions before I really get hurt.  Trust me, it scared me enough to know better from here on out.  
My big mistake was running too far, to the point where I started feeling so bad, there was no turning back and I no choice but to keep running.  :(  I should be ashamed because I know better.

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Christy J said...

It is getting hot and humid here in Texas, isn't it?! Be careful out there!

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