Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Have you found it?


I talk about if often because I truly believe that we must find balance between all aspects of our lives, especially when it comes to healthy eating and exercise!

You can't go into it expecting the change, that balance to be easy at first. Like all other things, it will take sacrifice and working at it. It may be different for each of us. We juggle work, school, children, your spouse, gym or home workouts or runs...BUT the good news is that BALANCE is possible.

I'd like to think we have found it in our home but it will always take adjusting and it will change as our children grow and our lives take different turns...but ya roll with the punches and if it means enough to you, YOU FIND A WAY TO MAKE IT WORK!

I am disturbed to find out that our area in Texas doesn't meet criteria, at this moment to get a large, health food store such as Trader Joes, Sprouts or Whole Foods but we have thousands of junk food restaurants that are always packed and that yesterday I saw a commercial for a local restaurant that is beginning to offer, for $1.49, a Pop Tart ice cream sandwich!!! And YES people, that means obviously they know it'll sell around here! And it does mean 2 pop tarts stacked on a mound of ice cream! WHAT??? WHY???

The good news?

I made healthy and clean fish tacos last night and they were AMAZING! The kids loved them too!
I used my prepped tilapia(recipe in previous post), broccoli slaw and a low carb/whole wheat tortilla that I toasted in the convection for extra crispness! I also made "tartar sauce" using plain Greek yogurt, squeeze of lemon juice and a tsp of sweet relish! It was perfect! Great flavor from the lemon pepper on the fish too! I served with peas(I was low on veggies!) and fruit medley-strawberries, bananas and clementines!

And need a quick, on the go snack that keeps you full, longer?
Look no more!
Low sodium rice cake topped w serving of natural PB, 2tbs flaxseed and Craisins! Watch out though, this is a good one!!

And I'll leave ya with my post-workout pose! Lol! I like to compare my photos every few weeks to make sure I'm seeing change, and I am! That way I don't focus on the scale-which makes my life miserable! When I compare weekly photos, I see the inches lost and definition in certain parts of my body! Holds me accountable too...whatever works, right?!

Happy hump day! STAY FOCUSED AND INSPIRED! Know that you will only get out of it, what you put into it! So work hard, eat healthy, add lots of fresh fruits and veggies and consume less processed, packaged foods! Your body will thank you for it :-)


fancy nancy said...

Girl you look AWESOME!!!! What's up skinny minney!? That is frustrating that you don't qualify for one of those! Do you have one near you at all? We have a Trader Joe's but are begging for a Whole Foods!! We're on an ever-striving path towards balance!

hiker mom said...

Wow you look great Marissa! Way to stay motivated:)

Lilwelly5 said...

You look amazing Marissa! I am always working to find balance. You inspire and motivate me to keep plugging away on the right path. I know it is possible and I will get there!

jillconyers said...

It's worth repeating! Marissa you look amazing!

I've learned that balance in our house is a work in progress. Maintaining that balance has taught me how to be more flexible and stay focused on what matters most.

Right now I feel like life is happily balanced :)

Emily - faliLV said...

Darn girl! You are HOT!! Look at those legs! I love reading your blog and the honesty you put into it! Congrats mama!

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