Tuesday, April 16, 2013

runners are amazing.

I am a runner.
I'm not a fast runner.  I will never qualify for Boston.  But I am a runner.  
I have met so many amazing people through blogging, twitter and instagram that are runners.

In times like this...there are no words.  No words for such a tragedy during an event that is suppose to be uplifting, encouraging, inspirational and something that shows strength and determination.  
But on a positive note, the way the running community has come together is AMAZING!
All supporting one another, all of us wearing our marathon shirts today to show support.  
Running for Boston.  I ran for Boston this morning at my son's running club, holding both of my boys' hands. We finished 3 miles TOGETHER.
Even if you aren't a runner, get out and TRY today.  Run for those that were unable to finish.  
Run to show that there is still good in this world. LOTS of good.  

Although I am not a marathon runner, when my husband and I ran the Houston half 2 years ago, our families were there to show support.  It was my husband's parents and my mom and dad too.  They were so happy to get seats in the stands, right near the finish line!  They wanted to cheer us on as we crossed! It's a hard spot to grab, so they were happy that they snagged the last, few seats.  As I looked at images yesterday on the TV, although a different situation entirely...I couldn't help but "what if".  Thinking if that would've happened in Houston, that's exactly where our families would have been seated, holding their signs and yelling for us :(  Ugh, so hard to imagine.  

I have a cousin that ran yesterday and thankfully she's alright.  Her husband and twin girls were there cheering her on, they are all okay too-thank goodness.

I ran today because I can.  Our bodies are amazing and are capable of so much.  Think of those that were hurt, those that trained so hard for this event and were stopped short of that finish line.  

Before this happened, I often focused my running on running for those that cannot:  
My sister in law, who is unable to walk without the assistance of crutches, but is mostly in a wheelchair who inspires me every day.  
I think about a girl who lost her long, hard fight against CF a few weeks ago.  
I think about my dear uncle that lost his battle against ALS in 1994, and how that horrific disease took over his body until he could no longer move, at all.  
I have run countless races where I'll pass a "runner" in a wheelchair, or with prosthetics and I get goosebumps-thinking wow, how inspiring.  They are out there doing it.  They are pushing hard and allowing NOTHING to stand in their way.  How amazing.  That's the runners community I am talking about....always supporting one another, always there.  

So I will now also run for those in the elite, running class...those that run Boston each year.  What amazing, inspirational people all out there doing it and striving for that PR, when it was cut short by some senseless hate.  Disgusting hate.  

No matter how fast or how far, just RUN.  


Lilwelly5 said...

Agree with you on everything! It is hard to think about the "what ifs" but I will keep pushing forward for all of those that can't. I got out and ran 5 miles for Boston today.

Elle said...

Good for you, Marissa. Loved this post. Yes, the running community is amazing. So glad you ran with your kids today.

Emily - faliLV said...

Beautiful post Marissa!

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