Saturday, November 16, 2013

the night before...

our THIRD half marathon.  
I'm terrified, anxious, excited, happy, fearful and PROUD.  All rolled into one.
I'll be reflecting yet again, mile after mile on where this all began.  I'll be dancing, singing and probably taking my own picture more than once and why not?  I want to have FUN!  

In 2001, a lonely girl so afraid to change and find herself took a chance.  
I TOOK THE FIRST STEP and started my journey.  
That girl is only a memory today...
This girl today, she's strong and ready to conquer her 3rd half marathon among other things.  I now know my limits and how to challenge them.  Each mile will be a reflection of how much I doubted myself, how she lacked self-confidence and had little control over her own life.  THAT girl is gone.  
It will also be a reflection of THIS girl.  I am strong.  I have cleared my mind of can't and this obstacle tomorrow will be no different than those in my past and future.  I will take it on knowing I am capable.  I will finish and I will NEVER QUIT.  

My husband will be right by my side at the starting line and then we'll meet again at the finish! We ran our first half marathon on our 7th wedding anniversary, I was 50lbs heavier than I am today but I FINISHED.  I NEVER QUIT.  I NEVER GAVE UP.  HE FINISHED STRONG AND QUALIFIED FOR FUTURE RACES.  He's what drives me.  He never gives up, I never give up...we do this TOGETHER.  
Two of my fellow "Move It Mommas" Tammy and Leslie are the reason we are running tomorrow.  They have lost weight, changed their lives and will take on their first half marathon in the morning.  They are such beautiful, strong women.  They have overcome obstacles, fought back and changed their lives and this is only a stepping stone to the places they'll go in the future!  I am proud to be running this race with them and being a small part of their journey....Good luck ladies, I love ya both!!!!

Tomorrow will hurt, but nothing hurts more than living a life from the sidelines.  I did it for SO long but not anymore...never again.  Enough is Enough...lets do this :)

Our medal count is at TWO and tomorrow it will be THREE!  YES!!!!

Push your limits today and EVERY day!  

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Stephanie Interbartolo said...

You are gonna do AmAzInG!! You are such an inspiration to me. Not liking your foot bandaged in the pic thou, please be careful!!!

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