Monday, November 18, 2013

recap and recipes!

Without words, hopefully THIS picture sums up my experience yesterday?!

An incredible experience but at the same time, one of the hardest things we've ever done...EVER!  A tough race, 6 miles on a really steep bridge!  We had to run the bridge TWICE and while the first time wasn't so rough, the second time almost killed us :)  BUT we pushed through and finished!  
I promised myself I wouldn't quit and you better believe I kept that promise!  
VERY cool medals to add to our collection...YES, we have a collection!  Woohoo!!!!

One of my favorite pictures, ME at the top of that bridge!  
Like the half marathon a few weeks ago, I took the time to reflect and soak in that feeling. 
What feeling?  
It was so quiet at the top.  It was almost surreal.  I have come SO far from that unhealthy girl.  I wouldn't trade my journey for anything in the world because I honestly believe it makes me appreciate life so much more.  I appreciate the process of becoming healthy, of the work it takes to reach your goals, of knowing what it feels like to work HARD and see results all on your own...nobody else, just YOU!  Sure I have bad days, who doesn't?  BUT on the good days I really live them up and the bad days?  Well I just find the good in those days too. I have my weak moments, as we all do and the road isn't easy but I guess I try to focus on what healthy FEELS LIKE.  If I spent my time thinking about what healthy looks like or what others think healthy looks or feels like, well then I'm wasting time not reaching my goals that I've set for myself and there's no time to waste!!  Surround yourself with positive people who want nothing but the best for you, no matter what.  That's what matters.  Life is a beautiful thing that needs to be LIVED, enjoyed, soaked in.  I used to watch life pass me by, hop in every now and then and move on but NOT ANYMORE!    As part of the reflection at the top of that bridge, I thought about the people that have doubted me along the way.  I ran for them too.  See, I know that sometimes we fear when others succeed, its human nature BUT we should never discourage someone from becoming healthy!  Healthy is what we should all strive for no matter our age, gender, lifestyle, family, friends, height, weight, activity level...we should all strive to be HEALTHY!  Anyone that wants you to live differently...well there are few words for that.  

WOWZA!!!!  Seeing it in pictures does not do it justice.  It was HUGE!  

My man and I before completing half marathon #3!  I always take the time to tell him how much it means to me that we support one another, our healthy lifestyles and workouts...always together! The journey doesn't get easier but having the support of the people you love most is SO important...there aren't enough words to express my love for him and how proud I am that he changed his life for himself, for me and for our family :)

My Momma's!  They are the reason we took on this race in the first place!  I have only known these women a short time, but feels like forever!  What incredible women they are!  STRONG, INCREDIBLE WOMEN!  They completed their first half marathon and I was lucky enough to be there!  INSPIRED.  They are on their journey to healthy living today.  They have lost weight, changed their lives and hit a huge milestone yesterday- Crossing that finish line!!  I am amazed by their strength and determination.  They push me.  Although they think I am the one that inspires them, they have it wrong...
Overall that race was THE hardest thing we've ever done.  My husband and I both agreed.  It definitely helps you understand how strong the mind and body truly can be.  I am happy for each of us.  I am proud. My legs wanted to quit at mile 12 but I did NOT quit.  I may have slowed to turtle speed and felt like I was going to fall onto my face but I NEVER QUIT.  

When life's obstacles (or a race!) come your way, you must dig deep and find your strength.  Do not compare your journey, your struggles or obstacles to anyone else!  it's YOUR journey.  YOUR life.  YOU are responsible for what you want out of it!  
GET OUT THERE AND START LIVING!!!!!!  Conquer new goals, lose weight once and for all, get healthy and get your family healthy too!  

Let those creative juices flow when it comes to healthy eating.  It doesn't have to be hard.  The other morning I was short on time, didn't want a big mess so I popped a mini whole wheat bagel in the toaster and topped it with 1 tbs Neuftchael cheese and flaxseed meal.  Served with 1/2 apple and 1tbs peanut butter with cinnamon.  YUM!  Breakfast in minutes

What about lunch?  Don't have anything prepared but you're hungry?  GREAT!  TRY THIS:
spring mix lettuce topped with low sodium turkey sliced, walnuts and almonds, 1 tbs feta, sprinkle of dried cranberries and lemon juice for dressing.  Mmmmm!

If you follow me on social media, you've already seen this but I wanted to share my AH HA moment the other day!  I was scrolling through phone pics and noticed a picture from July I was wearing the same shirt.  I immediately pulled up the picture, noticed a HUGE difference with how the shirt fit but until I saw the picture-I was baffled!  WHAT??!  

Sometimes its hard to see where we can go, but we just keep reaching...that's what I did and am still doing.  I will keep reaching, keep setting new goals and keep helping others do the same!  I hope you will do that with me.  Set your goals, keep reaching, 
keep pushing HARD and you'll amaze yourself :)  


fancy nancy said...

You are certainly a lean mean fighting machine!!! Great job pushing through on the race and keeping your eye on being healthy!!! You look and certainly feel fabulous!!!

hiker mom said...

I love that you focus on how healthy "feels". So many people focus on how they look and miss the importance of the feeling of being healthy and the accomplishments that bring us there:) Great job in your race! Way to push yourself:)

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