Thursday, November 28, 2013

Turkey Trot...and SO much more!

It started with a few Momma's saying they'd like to run as a group and THEN? 

As you can see, the picture taking was THE most fun! But we did actually run...after more and more pictures! 

And after pictures, the race began ;) 

We took off!!! 
It was 5K time and I hadn't run a 5K in over a year so I knew I wanted to run a PR race but wasn't focused on it, I just wanted everyone to burn calories and have fun! 
It was at that moment that I realized MY journey has now become so much more. And being the emotional person that I am, I started to cry as I ran. It's not only about my journey or my husbands's about ALL OF THESE WOMEN. They have found inspiration through me, just as I have found it through each of them. They all have their own story, struggles and goals. They each have reasons why they want to be healthy and reasons why they have become part of this group. This group of amazing, strong and beautiful women...Momma's to be exact! 

I FINISHED STRONG! I PR'ed!!!! Fastest 5K I've ever run at 29:18! I'm not fast now either but my first 5K ever was in 49 minutes and fastest before today was 33:27 so I was very proud of myself as I crossed that finish line today!!! 

After crossing I also immediately ran to the side and started cheering for my fellow Momma's. Ya see what I have started is changing my life. Sure I have huge personal goals but I also have goals and hopes for each of these women. I knew today as I was super proud of myself, I was also equally proud to share this morning and race with these women. 
For some it was their first race, others hadn't run in years and for some it was just another milestone to check off the list...
Whatever the reason, we did it TOGETHER-What I always wanted when I started my journey years ago. I NEVER wanted others to go at it alone-ever! It can be a lonely road and tough at times so I wanted to make sure that I could be there 100% for others that shared similar struggles with their health. TODAY, at this race, I felt like my dreams and hopes are coming true each day, in these women. I am inspired more than ever. We cheered for each other, pushed one another, and celebrated together!!!!! What a beautiful feeling. 
As each of them finished, I felt so PROUD. And although they thank me(not sure why, they push hard and do the work each day!) I must thank them for sharing their journey with ME. It is truly changing my life and I believe that I was given my past struggles to share and help others. I feel EXACTLY where I need to be and I hope they sincerely know how much each of them have impacted my life today and every day! 


WOOHOO!!!!! WE ALL DID IT TOGETHER!!!!!! Whew, I hope these ladies never leave my side! I'll sure never leave them ;) Stay tuned, I have big plans for these ladies in the future. 
Share your passion and do what you love. Help others, inspire others and it'll change your life forever. 

Today I am thankful for my husband, boys, pup, family, friends, blog readers, fellow FitFluential friends AND MY MOVE IT MOMMAS!!!!! 

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Runner Maybe said...

Awesome, glad you found your perfect support group.

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