Sunday, December 1, 2013

Buckle down and LETS DO THIS

Thanksgiving has come and gone.  
Hope you enjoyed the time with family and friends.
It's a tough time to be focusing on eating right and exercise right?
Busy time of year surrounded by cookies, hot chocolate, plenty of good foods, parties and chilly weather BUT it does not mean you get to throw all of your hard work out the window.

Your strength begins to really show as we reach this time of year.  Last year we were writing down New Year's Resolutions right?  Uh oh, have we forgotten what all we wanted to achieve?  Hope not.  So many times we use this time of year to bulk?  We know the first of the year is right around the corner and temptation will be everywhere, so we fuel up on empty calories and take some time off from our workouts.  
Uh oh, here comes that two steps forward, three steps back.  Have I mentioned it before?  
It was something I battled for YEARS.  
Seems like I'd get ahead only to fall behind months later.  
From experience, it's no way to live.  

My suggestions?  
Don't wait for the New Year to set health and fitness goals for yourself.  Take each step as it comes and focus on BALANCE throughout the Holidays.  This way when January 1st rolls around, you'll be prepared and ready to step it up even more.  The great thing about our health is that there's always room for improvement.  We can challenge ourselves in so many ways so keep things interesting and exciting!
Be prepared.  Especially at parties.  Don't show up on an empty stomach with your eyes bulging out of your head ( Oh I know this feeling all too well )  Balance your meals throughout the day, have a lean protein and fiber-rich snack beforehand and choose wisely when it comes to the appetizers and main entrees!  Drink water before the adult beverages and foods and make sure to get in some great workouts on those days too.  PLAN AHEAD.  
Create non-food related family activities!  Have the family play a game of football in the backyard while the food is cooking rather than all gathering around the kitchen table and munching on empty calories for HOURS.  Go for a family walk, play kickball, or hide and seek!  Keep it simple and FUN!

Move It Mommas Pumpkin French Toast
You'll Need:
Sprouted Bread-I used TJ's brand
1 tbs TJ's pumpkin butter or any other brand
sprinkle of cinnamon
1 egg, beaten
splash of Almond Milk-Unsweetened Original

Combine ingredients with beaten egg until mixed well.  
Dip bread into the mixture on both sides as pictured below.  
Heat skillet on medium heat and place bread onto heated skillet.  Allow to cook on each side, flipping occasionally.
Sprinkle with a little powdered sugar and no sugar syrup with scrambled egg/egg whites :)

Quick and Healthy snacking doesn't have to be difficult!  Keep it SIMPLE.
Light String Cheese and 1/4 cup berries.  This takes seconds to prepare or pack on the go leaving NO ROOM FOR EXCUSES!  

Thanksgiving leftovers turned HEALTHY!
handful of raw veggies dipped in my Greek Ranch dip ( in recipe section at top of site)
Mixed greens topped with handful of sunflower seeds, smoked Turkey without skin, dried cranberries 1/2 serving and a little Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Red Wine Vinegar for dressing!  

Same outfit 34lb difference.  
Pants of the left are size 10  right a size 6!  A fun, little comparison to show me once again how far I've come.  I celebrate the little victories and YOU SHOULD TOO.  Be proud of every step you make toward better health.  It can be baby steps or leaps-your choice but always keep reaching new goals and setting yourself up for success.  
You never know your limits so keep trying, NEVER QUIT! 
The COUNTDOWN to Christmas in ON!  
What goals have you set for yourself this week?  This month?

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Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

pumpkin bread French toast sounds so yummy! I agree, we shouldn't wait until the new year to be eating healthy, do it now before the holiday pounds pack on!

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