Tuesday, December 17, 2013

need help pushing forward to 2014?

If there's one thing I know, it's how to indulge around the Holidays.
I was the queen of baking a dozen cookies AND eating half.  
The one that would have 3-4 helpings on Christmas knowing darn well that I had stuffed my face the entire week leading up to it.  
I was the one that could justify fast food EVERY day of Christmas break because I was "taking it easy".  
UGH.  To have changed that mindset before now...
But the good news is change is about moving forward, letting go of the person that I once was, growing and helping others do the same.  
If I ask anything, it's to please not make the same mistakes that I did for so long.  The FEAST is not what Christmas is about.  It's about Christ, being with family and making memories that will hopefully last a lifetime-both good and not so good! 
Look past the food at the dinner table these next, few weeks.  

LOVED this quote and shared on Instagram this week...such truth, isn't it?
If you stay prepared this time of year, you will less likely want to give in to temptation.  It's TOUGH and you must stay motivated and tell yourself why you want to be healthy, EVERY SINGLE DAY.  It's a process and a lifelong journey, so buckle down and stay focused...
Plus if you get yourself moving, physical exercise most of the week-you'll want to focus on the way you feel and the progress you've made rather than moving backwards with your consumption of empty calories and fat or as I call it, mindless eating.  (I could hold a Masters degree in mindless eating-I do it VERY well)

Some snacks that help me,
Apple Cinnamon Rice Cake topped with 1tbs pumpkin cream cheese.  Yes it's the full-fat but it's delicious and TRUST ME-a much better option for a snack than pumpkin pie :)  Ha!

TWO THUMBS UP for Cheesecake Factory-Skinnylicious menu!  
Woohoo, somebody has done it right.  
I have stayed away from this place for a LONG time because my former self would order a grilled chicken club-stacked with sourdough bread, mayo, avocado, tons of melted cheese and a heaping pile of FRENCH FRIES :(  Ughhhh....and of course no meal is complete there without cheesecake, so a slice of Original and strawberries please!  So in a matter of minutes, I had consumed well OVER a day's worth of calories and fat.  Sad but true, I'd leave feeling not overly full :(  Whew.  
I decided to conquer my fears and know that I CAN DO THIS.  Mind over matter so we walked in. The menu had changed A LOT but found an insert that said, "Skinnylicious" and I started to browse.  Whew the choices!  
I went with the Turkey Burger and side salad:
I opted for half the bun and light on the Skinnylicious vinegarette as well.  VERDICT:  It was AMAZING!  Full of flavor, very juicy and filling.  It was delicious.  I was so happy to know that healthy choices even at a place where my temptation used to get the best of me.  It felt fabulous and I practiced self-control.  A HUGE victory to be celebrated and I did.  
I think often times people do not believe me when I say that I have a food addiction.  Every where I go, food is placed with a memory for me.  A place where I let my food intake spiral out of control.  It was like the bread basket would hit the table and I was there, waiting with my knife full of butter :(  Oh such sad truth.  But I feel that being honest is part of the way I am able to help others.  I want you to 100% know that each step is work, nothing comes easy and it never will.  BUT is it worth fighting through the bad days?  YES, it definitely is.  ALWAYS.  So Cheesecake Factory did not control my life that day!  I am proud to say!!  
Each step on your journey is worth a celebration, big or small.  It's part of the reason you will get to that finish line-conquer your goals and fears!  You will not allow food to take over your life, or a busy schedule, a physical disability, a disease, poor health, your age, your children...NOTHING!  Whatever your obstacles may be, right here and now...

Another meal idea that's so simple, it should be illegal!
In a skillet, combine 1/2 onion and 2-3 cloves of fresh garlic-chopped, 1lb turkey or we used deer sausage and 1 lb lean ground turkey.  I browned the onion, garlic and ground meat first, then added the sausage once the meat was cooked through.  To that mixture add garlic powder and 2 bags of frozen, vegetable gumbo mix!  Sounds silly but it has carrots, onions, peppers, okra, peas, beans, corn...just enough of all of the flavors!  We served this mixture with 1/2 cup brown rice pasta and a sprinkle of Parmesan cheese.  

The other day, no food was prepped so that means find something that'll fuel my body-sort of.  6 Ritz crackers with a Eating Right 30calorie garlic cheese wedge, 2 slices lean low-sodium roasted Boars Head turkey.  1/2 apple topped with PB and a sprinkle of cinnamon.  Effortless and tasty.  

Sweet tooth?
Try a handful of almonds, few mini chocolate chips and a few marshmallows.  Grab and get OUT OF THE KITCHEN!  Enjoy on the go so you are not tempted to go back for more.  Moderation and portion control MUST be practiced for success!  

Another lunch idea that was DELICIOUS,
Move It Momma Greek egg salad: 2 eggs boiled, chopped and then add 1tbs plain Greek yogurt, 1/2 tbs mustard.  I served on 1 slice of Trader Joes Sprouted bread, toasted.  With a clementine orange and apple.  Yum!  

DO NOT WAIT FOR 2014 to get your act together!  Do it now!
The hardest part for me was the concept of "starting over", or "I'll start again Monday".  I had to change my way of thinking and know that every choice is another day of my journey.  Good or bad, I take it and move on.  I had a bad day of eating and no workouts-GREAT! Move past it and make tomorrow better.  BUT I must keep moving forward after working so hard it's silly to stop when the road I'm traveling on keeps going.  
EVERY DAY is hard.
EACH DAY I must wake up determined and willing to make the best choices for my health and the health of my family.  
You should too.
I am here to make that road easier, to give you tips and ideas to keep you fighting for your health.  But you must put in the hard work.  Nobody can do that part for you.  But focus on the feeling of conquering a goal-that feeling of victory.  Nothing can replace that feeling.  No supplement, diet pill, no fast food meal, slice of chocolate cake or Dr Pepper...NOTHING!  


jillconyers said...

Right now I'm on the keep it simple band wagon. I think my meals this week are the simplest they've been all year. Like your alternative to pumpkin pie I found a healthy alternative to apple pie! Love it when that works out!

kimert said...

So many great snack/meal ideas! Thanks for sharing. I'm doing my absolute best to stay away from the crap during the holidays and limiting my latte addiction. Also, sticking to my training schedule!

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