Friday, December 27, 2013

Make the Commitment!

Will you join the movement with us?
Last year at this time, my husband and I decided to sign up for another 5K.  We had done too many to count and it seemed like one on January 1st would be something different!  We arrived and received t-shirts, BIB #'s and a journal.  A journal that would allow us to keep track of our goals for 2013. 

At the finish line, it was time to snap our picture and as I looked down at my phone pic, I started to cry.  Not sure why I was just seeing it but I had gained weight, let go even if only a little, of all the things I wanted for myself.  Of course I hadn't allowed myself to go too far back, to that dark place I had been for so many years BUT I had slacked off.  I had "finished" my journey which also meant I was losing sight of my health.  Sure I'm not obese in this photo and at this time I was getting an hour or two of exercise 6-7 times a week!  oh YES.  I'm sorry but we cannot overcome poor eating, even if we exercise EVERY day.  Vigorous exercise doesn't matter either, my workouts are tough, never easy but when I would come home and consume a poor diet, well...I just ruined all of that hard work and for what?  NOTHING.  
My eating has ALWAYS been a weakness for me.  Exercise comes very easily, the foods...not so much.  So many foods are linked to emotions for me and sadly that doesn't just disappear when we decide to get healthy.  Unfortunately it's a live and learn, taking one day at a time.  There are good days and bad days but we must WORK HARD to have more good than bad.  My foods had to change.  I had to STOP my ways of slowing creeping packaged carbs(a huge trigger for me!) back into my diet.  I was eating fruits and veggies BUT also many packaged snacks such as crackers, grains, whole wheat pasta, and tortillas and while these things are okay in moderation, I have a hard time stopping with just one serving.  As I say so often, if it's a trigger or a food that you have little control around, GET IT OUT!  I was preaching to all of you but wasn't following my own advice and knowledge.  Sad how that happens, isn't it?  I KNOW the facts, the things we must do to take care of our bodies but until January of 2013, I wasn't following my own advice 100%.  Of course I would workout and push myself HARD but the foods...ah not so much :(  

Something about that picture at the finish line clicked for me.  Yet again I had an AH HA moment. And I needed it, that's for sure.  I was back up to a size 12, which is nothing near the size 22 I had been at the start of my journey in 2001 but my weight was increasing, body was changing and that wasn't good.  I had to get back in control.  SUCH A HARD THING FOR ME TO DO ...TAKE MY LIFE BACK ONCE AGAIN.  As I say a million times, it's NEVER over.  It can never be over.  I will fight emotional eating for the rest of my life.  No day is easier but each day is worth it.  

Flash forward to night with my husband which means 
NO WORKOUT CLOTHES :)  ...(the picture taken below)

I cannot believe the transformation my body has made over the past year.  There are days where I wanted to quit, give up and just deal with being heavy the rest of my life BUT I am worth more than that.  My family deserves more than that and I deserve happiness, true happiness.  My husband thinks I'm beautiful no matter my size BUT he sees a difference in me, my confidence, attitude, overall health and I see it in him as well.  We have both struggled over and over again and we will continue to struggle BUT it's how we overcome those struggles that keep us going, make us stronger TOGETHER!  

We have just signed up for the Commitment Day 2014 race in our area...I suggest looking for one near you!  The entire meaning behind the race is SO powerful!  We are making the commitment to better health now and always!  We are committing to making this year GREAT!  That journal that we received at this race played a huge part in our success.  We would come home in the evening, write our goals, our foods and our exercise!  We had before pictures in there along with how we felt at that the race finish line.  We wanted to remember why we made the commitment in the first place and it worked!  Small steps in the right direction are worth celebrating!  Keep that in mind always.  Keep pushing, reaching and exceeding your goals for the New Year!  Start now and commit to NEVER QUITTING and NEVER GIVING UP!

My hopes for you and my fellow Move It Mommas that will be joining us locally, is that all of your health and fitness goals are reached THIS year!  I am here to always be honest, share the ups and downs and helpful motivation and tips along the way!  

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Stephanie Interbartolo said...

I wish I was there to do the race too. As someone who is just starting their weight loss journey again, it is a wonderful feeling to know I am not alone. You are an inspiration to me and all of your move it mommas. We love you and all that you do for us! Can't wait to start seeing & feeling changes in 2014!

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