Monday, December 9, 2013

reviews from the Momma's perspective

Since I'm always being asked to review products, I decided I'd try and bring the products to my boot campers.  They are busy mom's trying to balance a healthy way of life, so what more could the companies ask for?  I think they are liking my idea because the Momma's are in for some FUN reviews in the next few weeks so stay tuned.  I'm so happy that most of them have responded so graciously with enough product for all of my ladies.  This way they are able to go home, test the product out for themselves and share their feedback with myself and the group.  So far, they've loved getting the shipments as much as I have :)  (told ya these women were INCREDIBLE!)

Our first product is Crispy Green- Crispy Fruit-
After a tough workout, we gave them a try!  A great snack of dried fruit, containing no other ingredients!  They loved apple, banana and pineapple.  When we had our kid-friendly workouts over Thanksgiving break, we tested them out with the kiddos and they also gave these tasty treats, TWO THUMBS UP!  Yay for Crispy Green.  Getting it right on flavor and packaging, perfect for healthy snacking on the go.  I also had some of the Momma's order more online immediately.  Affordability is also a factor and I think these are very reasonably priced.  I like keeping these in my car for after school sports and activities.  A MUCH healthier option than grabbing a bag of chips.  I suggested a serving of these along with a low fat string cheese or other lean/low fat protein source.  Paired for the perfect BALANCE.  
for more info visit their website:

Next Up: NEVA activewear.  I absolutely love this product and what they stand for.  It fits perfectly and is made from high-quality materials.  I have used it when running, doing my outdoor workouts and on the go while running errands!  I love the color and the arm length-sometimes I buy hoodies and they are baggy and not great for working out.  I will definitely recommend this brand to my Momma's as well as family and friends!  
NEVA has a desire to empower women through activewear! In South Asia over 500 million people survive on less than $1.25/day.  Less than 1/3 of South Asia women work due to lack of education and opportunity.  Helping these women will change their lives and the lives of their children for years to come.  
The hoodie they sent for me to review is sky blue and I LOVE that "Be the CHANGE" is hand-stitched in hot pink :)   I couldn't agree with this statement any more, whether dealing with their cause or myself trying to impact lives around here.  We must ALL BE THE CHANGE if we want to improve the world and share our passion, right?!  
A few words from NEVA:
"NEVA is a higher standard of activewear to make you feel fit, inspired and confident—not only in yourself, but also in your purchase. NEVA employs talented artisans in South Asia, who would otherwise be jobless or underpaid, to hand embroider every NEVA piece. Earning 10 times their typical wages, these women and their children have income for food, electricity, healthcare and education."


fancy nancy said...

That hoodie looks so comfy!!

jillconyers said...

Love the top and Be the Change!

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