Monday, December 9, 2013

a perfect example...

For me and my former self, I have major issues relating EMOTIONS to FOOD.  
It's sad that it will actually consume me, take over and the mindless eating begins.  My old ways, I'd binge out of control until that emotion was "coated" completely.  Problem is, it never solved the problem only made it worse because the cycle of feeling awful and not fixing or dealing with the problem would occur over and over again until I fell into rock bottom, would lose a little, stress and gain it all back-and then some.  Not a way to live.  
I fight this battle EVERY, SINGLE day so unfortunately it doesn't just magically go away, we must find ways to deal with it positively and not destructively.  

STRESSFUL time of year for all of us, isn't it?

For me, my son has had some medical concerns that started in MAY and are still going on.  We are working with a great hospital in Houston so I feel confident knowing they are doing all possible to handle it HOWEVER it's my son.  It's scary and I'm worried non-stop.  I tend to worry too much about too many things, it's just the way that I am :( but when it's your children, that worry meter goes WAY up doesn't it?  Eeek.  I also tend to think the worst of the worst when it comes to medical issues, only because I watch too much TV and read too many stories of the "less than 1%" ya know what I mean?  
I am 110% a person that lives life with passion to HELP others, to be there for people and obviously to help people and their families GET HEALTHY.  I have a huge heart that's willing to go the extra mile whenever needed and for that, I feel hurt.  My husband, children, family and friends are my life! These "Move It Mommas" have changed my life even more.  Ya know that quote, "surround yourself with people that want the best for you, not people that want to hurt you" it's true and I think that too often, we think we want what's best for others but then it comes to a point where we put on the brakes and want a little less for them?  I sure hope I'm not that way, but it's how I feel I'm being treated at times.  The Mommas are giving me more fight and determination to help the World!  Sounds silly but I truly have dreams of helping those who were lost, just as I was and as they change, they will change others and together we'll CHANGE A NATION!  big dreams but not giving up!  Who's with me?  

In my former days:
I'd eat through these stresses.  EAT A LOT.  
I will use life's bumps in the road to fuel my fire.  It sounds a little silly but it works.  Almost as if we will prove to ourselves that we've got what it takes.  Sometimes we find people who doubt our capabilities and instead of allowing that to derail us, we should instead use it as motivation.  
Determination and motivation can be SO powerful when your heart goes into it!  

Bumps in the road used to send me into a deep depression which caused eating, weight gain and sadness. NOT ANYMORE.
Bumps in the road will now send me into a workout EUPHORIA!!!  Ha!  If my workouts and eating habits these days indicate my stresses then I'd say there's quite a bit fueling me at this point!  

MY hope for myself and each of you is that you find passionate people that want what's best for you and your family.  NOTHING LESS.  Find what makes you happy and find people that want you happy and healthy.  Right?  It's a process that will last a lifetime, change your life and the lives of the people around you.  Go big and set your goals each day, each week...never losing sight of what matters!  NEVER.  

Can't wait to share our 1st annual Christmas party pictures with all of you.  We had a BLAST and if I haven't said it enough, these women are changing my life.  They always tell me its the other way around but I don't believe them.  They are committed and so wonderful to me each day.  I feel like I've known them my entire life...crazy how that happens.  God sure is watching over me and surrounding me with positive, beautiful and STRONG women :)


Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

Hope everything gets figured out and better with your son, that is so stressful!

fancy nancy said...

I would rather go through anything if it meant my girls were spared! So hard when it's your kids but you are as always a rock star! I'm praying for your son and that all gets figured out!

Elle said...

Hope you get your son's issues straightened away soon. I am so happy you found a great group and it sounds like you are all very supportive of each other too.

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