Thursday, December 19, 2013

Tips for the New Year!

Another year of goal setting, plans for a healthy lifestyle and beyond...
I'm here to make that process a bit easier! 

  • Write out your goals and make them REALISTIC.  Instead of looking at the year and what you need to accomplish.  Focus on small steps, celebrate each one and as those attainable weekly goals are met-you will feel a sense of progress throughout the year!  If we look and the "finish line" seems out of reach, we lose focus and give up.  

  • SMALL STEPS make HUGE progress!
-Take things one day at a time.  Don't overwhelm yourself with where the road will lead or take you, just hop on and enjoy the ride!  
-Some weekly goals: Eat breakfast EVERY day.  Serve, small balanced meals and snacks with nutrient-rich foods.  Fill HALF of your dinner plate with fruits and veggies.  BE ACTIVE-a family walk, bike ride, or going to the gym.  Prepare, cook and eat together as a family several times a week-meals tend to be more balanced this way.  
Start thinking about it now before the ball drops on New Years Eve.  

  • Make healthy living a family affair.
-When working with your children on health and nutrition, do not focus on WEIGHT.  We want children to know that healthy living is a way of life, not about how much we weigh.  They should simply enjoy being active!  Don't allow them to sit in front of a computer screen all afternoon-they've done that most of the day while at school.  Give them a chance to play, run and BE KIDS!

-**Children should get 60+ minutes of physical activity a day and unfortunately most of that cannot be done in schools with PE and Health programs being cut short.  

-Kids need to play and be active, not workout so keep it FUN! 

-Let the kids help in the kitchen.  Chances are when the kids are involved in planning and preparing, they will feel proud and want to enjoy it as a family!  As they are trying new things, let them know how that particular food is helping their heart and body, it works!  

  • Don't expect results when you aren't committed to making CHANGE!
-We often find ourselves frustrated after a few weeks of trying to live healthier.  It's because we expect fast results from little work.  That's unfortunately not how it works.  For lasting results, it takes work, dedication and time.  Once you find yourself adapting to this new way of life, feeling better and having more energy-The rest falls into place!  

  • It's a journey, keep that in mind every day.  
-I am here to say it doesn't get much easier.  Yes it becomes part of your life and each day is a step forward for yourself and your family BUT it doesn't get much easier if you want to continue to challenge yourself!  We must keep pushing and reaching to keep making positive change.  It does NOT happen overnight, or with a magic diet or pill.  
It's finding your BALANCE through healthy eating, workouts and just moving and feeling good :)

  • STOP saying it's not fair and STOP making excuses.
-Before our journey begins, we think of all of the things that stand in our way and have stood in our way to stop our successes in the past, don't we?  
"Oh I lost weight but then my knee started to hurt, my car broke down and I gained all of the weight back"...and then some.  "I have back problems so working out is something I'll never be able to do", "The pills I take each morning make me feel sick, so I can't workout in the morning but I have to grab a quick breakfast before work then my stomach hurts from the fast food" and the list goes on and on.  
Bizarre but it's a good way to not let ourselves down, isn't it?
I think we believe that if we give all of the reasons that we can't do something, if we don't succeed-then we know why.  Helps us feel less like a failure.  BUT try not doing it this time around.  
Write down and give yourselves reasons why you CAN and why you WILL!
You deserve a happy, HEALTHY life so get out there and get it!


Runner Maybe said...

great post!!! Thanks for sharing these as I need a reminder.

kimert said...

I like the last one the best!! no excuses... just do it!

jillconyers said...

Stop making excuses!! That has been my mantra for a big part of this year. It worked :)

Great tips!

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