Wednesday, December 11, 2013


We should all live life PASSIONATELY, wouldn't you agree?
For most of us motherhood takes on a whole, new meaning of the word PASSION. 
We put our families first and we do EVERYTHING to make their lives better.  They're sick, we take care of them.  They are hungry, we feed them.  They want to have FUN, we make sure they have lots of it...this one is SO much fun isn't it?  
My point?  When we give 110% to our family are we leaving any PASSION for ourselves?
Throughout life, we must remember to take care of ourselves, live our lives fully and PASSIONATELY as women, mothers, wives, daughters, nieces, granddaughters and so on... 
We should enjoy the steps to better health.  Embrace it and have fun with it.  If working out and healthy eating wasn't fun and adventurous, we'd never succeed with it.  If we turn things around and allow it to give us the push, drive and desire we're looking for...well, just hang on because your life is about to knock your socks off :)  

After all, it's the main focus of The Move It Mommas here locally.  I decided to share MY passion and look where these past 16 weeks have taken me.  Or taken US I should say...I'm no longer going at this alone.  I've got my troops!  My strong, passionate, beautiful, dedicated MOMMAS right by my side...ALL OF YOU, who have followed my journey, seen its ups and downs, my victories and struggles but through it all you have stood by me and somehow found a way to relate and find strength through my honesty. 

My journey is far from over.  It never ends.  If it ends, then we find ourselves falling back into those old habits.  I am so fortunate for my degree in health and exercise physiology, my health education and physical education teaching background, my work in cardiac rehab and my work in prevention of childhood obesity, my Ambassadorships with many fabulous health and fitness organizations across the country!  HOWEVER they only brought me so far on this journey. It must be about SO much more than the facts.  It's about more than helping a person perform exercises or try new, healthy foods.  SO much more than the "eat this, not that".  
It must be about HONESTY, taking every day as it comes, celebrating the SMALL victories, learning to overcome your weaknesses, and most importantly about 
SHARING YOUR PASSION!  Others want to know it can be done with hard work and dedication.  They want to SEE it within others and I always make sure to share my faults just as often as I share my successes.  It's important to me.  
I need you all to see that a girl who would HIDE her Quarter Pounder and french fries, Cheetos and Little Debbies CAN overcome those food addictions, those obstacles that stood in my way-waiting for me to fail can turn her life around by choosing to not allow food or inactivity to control my life.  
One of my Momma's gave me the opportunity to venture into a huge dream of mine, speaking to women about health education/healthy living and my weight loss story!  Not even kidding, when asked I was quite overwhelmed because after the day I graduated college, I said MORE THAN ANYTHING, I WANT TO SHARE MY PASSION, REACH OTHERS, CHANGE LIVES AND SHARE MY WEIGHT LOSS STORY SO WOMEN KNOW EACH STEP, EACH POUND, EACH GOAL REACHED IS POSSIBLE IF YOU "NEVER QUIT" so I did it!  I LOVED it.  I loved sharing my story, the story of my Move It Mommas and how they are changing their lives EVERY day, my husband and his success, my boys and my struggles with finding that healthy balance. It was that moment for me, one that I won't forget.  
A moment to know things are coming full circle.  
If we work hard, NEVER QUIT and keep pushing...the sky is the limit!  And if we have PASSION about what we believe, others will gain confidence in knowing THEY CAN DO IT TOO :)
And of course, use the fuel from those that think you CAN'T.  It works too.  Sad but true.  I like using the "haters" comments and lack of support to fuel me through my workouts and daily struggles with food.  Put your game face on, conquer your fears and commit to a better life!

Who wants some recipes?!  Okay since you asked nicely :)

Move It Momma Chicken Noodle Soup
You'll Need:
2lbs boneless skinless chicken breasts
bag fresh carrots-peeled and chopped
5 celery stalks-chopped
1/2 onion-chopped
1 cup brown rice pasta

Bring 4 cups water to a boil.  Add chicken and allow to cook.  Once cooked through, dice and set aside.  In broth add celery, onion and carrots-whatever other veggies you'd like.  Allow to cook through then add brown rice pasta and cook on med-high heat for 7 minutes until noodles are tender.  
ENJOY!  LOVE this recipe because it only makes a one-pot mess :)  Who doesn't love that?  It's hearty and delicious, especially served with a fresh side salad or other fresh veggies.  
*My husband suggests adding chopped, fresh garlic to the mix...up to you!

Breakfast idea for the kids...
PB and Jelly(well, sort of) oatmeal
Plain, instant oatmeal -if you want the easy version :) if not, quick or reg oats cooked on the stove, plain.
2 Strawberries chopped, or fruit of their choice.
1 tbs PB
YUM!  They will have a perfectly balanced meal before heading off to school!

Move It Momma Crusted Chicken
You'll Need:
Combine 1/2c whole wheat Panko, 2 tbs whole wheat breadcrumbs and 4 tbs flaxseed meal.  In separate dish, add 2 tbs Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  Lightly Dip chicken in olive oil and then breadcrumb mixture.  Place on sprayed Pyrex(I used TJ's Coconut Oil Spray), heat oven to 425 and layer chicken-with pieces touching and Bake at 425 for 35 minutes until lightly browned on edges.  
THIS IS DELICIOUS!  My boys call it their favorite chicken and I serve ours with 1/2 c long grain brown rice before 4pm (after 4, I serve with veggies only) and a side salad.  Boys with a whole wheat/high fiber grain and veggies.  Simple and can be made in bulk for easy grab and go meals.  


Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

Have I mentioned you look amazing! All your hard work has really paid off. I am going to try that crusted chicken, it sounds yummy!

fancy nancy said...

Seriously chickie you are amazing!!!...and look that way too!!! I'm all over that crusted chicken!

Lindsey Wolfe said...

Hey Marissa!

So no carbs after 4:00? Can you tell me why you do that? I'm starting with baby steps. This week my goal is working out 5 days, no fat food and eating proper portions. I figure each week I can add a new goal of sorts.

I'm not good with the when to eat which kinds of foods when. Have you written a blog post about that in the past?


p.s. when I get my act together I'm going to have to make myself a shirt to rock during workouts! ;)

jillconyers said...

I agree with nancy! You're amazing! Your post always inspire and motivate :)

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