Monday, November 4, 2013

our strength within

is what makes us great!  
It is what makes us unique.  
We strive to find our inner strength in all aspects of our lives.
Fitness and Health should be the same way...
The journey to the healthier YOU will have obstacles, struggles, triumphs, moments of strength and greatness as well as moments of weakness and failure.  
FOCUS on how you pick yourself up and keep pushing forward from day to day.  We get knocked down and our strength is what makes us get back up and keep trying, never giving up :)

Our strength can be determined by our willingness to succeed.  It takes strength to set goals and REACH them.  Strength to put ourselves out there, admitting that we want to CHANGE, that we want to be healthier.  
It takes tremendous STRENGTH to avoid temptation and put our health as a priority in a world troubled with health-related illnesses.  
STRENGTH to lose weight while it seems as though all of our family and friends are going to dinner, celebrating with cake and ice cream on the weekends, thinking about the Thanksgiving FEAST and all of its carb-loaded goodness, 

To be faced with all of this and more...yet still we PUSH TO REACH AND EXCEED OUR HEALTH AND FITNESS GOALS-  THIS TAKES STRENGTH!
We all have it within us, but sometimes we must reach down deep to find it!  
Be that reminder for yourself.  When things seem too hard and we want to give up...

I love this!  I shared it on IG and Facebook this morning...SUCH TRUTH!

Some recipes that I've used lately that are effortless and delicious too!

Move It Momma Greek Tuna Salad-
Combine 5oz can drained solid white Tuna, 2tbs plain Greek yogurt, 1 tbs sweet relish.  Stir.  Serve however you'd like.  I enjoyed mine on a slice of Ezekiel sesame, toasted with a side salad that consisted of 1 cup romaine, 1/2 clementine, sprinkle of sunflower seeds and lemon juice as dressing!  Simple, effortless and BALANCED.

*Tip- I stress the importance of BALANCE because often times we focus on fat, calories, low fat and fat free, high fiber, protein...FOCUS ON BALANCE.  Portion control is SO important.  BALANCE.  I used to tell my health students, "it's not only about what you eat, it's important to focus on how much and how often you're eating it!" Yes we want added fiber and protein, less of the processed foods but we're all human, going to give in and enjoy ourselves a little more from time to time but if we keep that BALANCE with each and every meal, we are set up for success.  

As a person who struggles with portion control and overindulging on the foods I love...I must pay close attention to that balance.  I was eating backwards, if that makes sense.  A lot of starch and processed foods with a little sprinkle of protein, fruit and veggie here and there.  EEEK!  Not a way to live but a great way to set myself up for diabetes, heart disease and obesity...and boy was I on the right track before I decided to change my life FOREVER!  Change your mind.  Make better choices for your body.  It deserves to feel its best, so don't take that away.  

My Monday Momma's
Our largest Monday class to date!  I struggle to find the right words because I'm afraid there aren't any for the way I feel about this group of women that continues to grow each day.  I am surrounded by incredible women that have ONE THING IN COMMON...
we all want better for ourselves.  We all want to be healthy for ourselves and our families.  
We will NOT put ourselves last.  We will become STRONGER, TOGETHER!

Lunch was ready and fully cooked for me so that after my workout, I could heat and eat!  BOOM!
Brussels that I steam, then top with a little Parmesan cheese and red wine vinegar.  
1/2 cup long grain brown rice and 5oz ground breakfast turkey sausage with onion.  I combine all of the fully cooked foods, warm them up and enjoy :)  

Dinner was about the same...all prepped ahead of time so no room for error!
I watch my starches in the evenings, so ordinarily during the day I'd eat the entire tortilla but tonight was 1/2 Ole brand tortilla topped with tbs TJ's tomato sauce, 4 turkey pepperoni's, ground turkey-browned, 1 tbs mozzarella cheese.  Heat in the toaster oven at 400 until crispy.  Served with green beans and 1 cup hearts of romaine lettuce.  


Each Momma, working hard at her level.  Amazing isn't it?  Some are marching in place, others are jumping-high knees as fast as they can!  ALL FITNESS LEVELS, ALL WORKING HARD TO IMPROVE THEIR HEALTH.  Nothing more amazing than that.  I wish I would've have a group like this when my journey started years ago.  A support system of women, all different shapes, sizes and levels.  Amazing how we all come together to fight hard for what we want.  
The common goal is simple-


jillconyers said...

I want a Monday Mommas group! All brought together by one common goal. Love this.

fancy nancy said...

I'm with Jill!!! I want a group of Mommas to workout with! You are takes strength to get out there even through all the excuses you can make!

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