Wednesday, May 28, 2014

If you would have...

told me years ago that I'd be influencing other women to get healthy and change their lives
I would have laughed in your face.  
I'm SO happy that life takes unexpected turns because it brought me to where I am today...

Looking back, I was so unsure of myself.
I couldn't decide what I wanted to do with my life.
EVEN after changing my degree to pursue health education and exercise, 
it was still unclear what I wanted to do with it...
I'd say I felt lost for a while after college.  
I worked in cardiac rehabilitation, fueled by helping women and men who struggled with heart disease, as my grandmother did.  
I enjoyed helping but it seemed as though I was helping them AFTER they had experienced what unhealthy living, a poor diet and lack of exercise can do...
I was ready to help them BEFORE these risk factors occurred but how?
When I taught Physical Education and Health of course I enjoyed working with the children, helping them associate exercise with FUN and teaching them about healthy foods and how to take care of their bodies and their heart but it still didn't feel like what I was meant to do...

One day I had an idea...
I was a stay at home Mom, able to take care of my boys as my full-time job-what a blessing!  But I was finally on my path to my healthiest life on this journey and I wanted to help women in a BIG way!  
Ah Ha, the birth of my Move It Mommas...
While outdoor fitness is all the craze right now, I feel like we are so much more.  
We take the fitness to the next level by incorporating a support group.  
We depend on one another and lean on each other in the workouts and in every day life.  
Life gets rough, especially juggling our kiddos, work, husbands, pets...and the list goes on!
The BEST part?
Accountability.  If someone is feeling under the weather or lacking the motivation,
We all rally together and give one heck of an argument on why they need to dust off and get back at it!  
I speak about our group often because I want all of my readers to know, both near and far that this group has changed the path of my fitness journey...heck, they've changed my life! They have also helped me realize that I am right where I need to be.  I am forever changing, evolving on my health and fitness journey right along with each of them.  Whether they are overweight, have struggled in the past or just want to improve their fitness levels, I am here to fight for it with them!  
Always TOGETHER!  
And even if you're a reader from far away...
we can still do it TOGETHER!  Fight TOGETHER and conquer TOGETHER! 

So remember this,
BEST ADVICE I can offer if you're just started out, beginning again 
or continuing to reach your health and fitness goals:

Keep your journey evolving...
Never allow it to be "over"
As soon as it ends, you will have a better chance of reverting back to the old you.
Instead, keep that reminder of the old you as the fuel you need to keep conquering new things, set new goals to reach and find a support system of strong people to travel and journey along with you.
The road has bumps and curves so be ready for a challenge, changing along the way.  I NEVER regret one day of my former, overweight and unhealthy self because it led me to where I am today.  Doing exactly what I believe I was set out to do...
Help women, children and families change their lives.  Help them make the path a bit easier and to be that example of anything is possible with hard work and dedication!  

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