Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Make it EASY

Why is healthy living important in YOUR life?  
Why do you seek change?  Why do you fight to keep living your healthiest life?
We must make a choice every day...
that choice can be one of the most difficult or it can be EASY.  If we make up our minds that it will be EASY then we will more likely believe it.  

What matters most is that we make the right choice on the easy and not so easy days.  
It's tough.

I'm still the same person.  The girl who battled junk food cravings all day, every day.  And it wasn't so much the bad food as much as it was the overeating.  I'd get a taste and want more and more...

I wake up some days craving donuts and kolaches with my morning coffee...
After a few minutes I think if I have it once, I'll want it again and again.  Those cravings will intensify all while feeling bloated and miserable in comparison to having a nice, hot bowl of filling oatmeal or high fiber cereal with fruit.  Therefore I MAKE THE CHOICE EASY.  
I will take that better, stronger feeling any day.  

Trust me, I'll give in here and there but it must be on days where I have full confidence in my ability to bounce back the next meal.  Often times one "bad" meal turns into another, which makes finding motivation for exercise more difficult and therefore brings on more bad food choices throughout the day.  Ugh.  

If I choose to make it EASY then one good choice turns into another, I have the energy to exercise and that always brings on better food choices because we know how hard we worked to burn those calories, why do we want to just consume them all over again :)  

Some people fight far worse battles in life so I consider me having issues with food to be minor and it is.  My struggles with weight are also, minor.  I am healthy, I am strong and I help others achieve the same so in reality, I should be proud always.  And I am.  Sure I have days where I feel entitled to a meltdown and I have one.  I have a pity party on how unfair it is that I must pay close attention to all of the foods I eat/don't eat and that exercise must be such a huge part of my life...

And after I feel sorry for myself, I remember who I used to be.  
I don't wish that cycle upon anyone.  I doubted myself constantly.  
Never giving myself credit for taking the first step.  The FIRST STEP IS HARD.  
It deserves credit and acknowledgement.  
So instead I would rip myself apart for allowing myself to gain the weight, lack the motivation and quit days after I had "started".  Whew it's exhausting.  
So it starts today! 

to achieve your goals.
to lose the weight.
to lower your blood pressure.
to fight obesity.
to be healthy for you and your family, once and for all.
to stop quitting and start LIVING.
to find that person that you've always wanted to be.
to acknowledge and find your strength.


My Mother's Day breakfast in bed LOL
It may not look like much but it tasted great.  Eggs scrambled perfectly by my husband with some pan grilled Jenni-O turkey sausage.  
It was DELICIOUS and best part?  It was served on a paper plate so NO DISHES!  Ha!

Hope you all had a beautiful Mother's Day and it allowed you to truly see how wonderful you are, how you put your family first and they think the world of you!  Now it's time to think the world of ourselves...to fight for what we want and to spend time working on our health, every day!  We are worth it and we are strong enough to achieve all that we set out to do!  NEVER QUIT!!!!  


Sweat Is My Sanity said...

No dishes is the best part. LOL. Seriously, my boys made me the craziest, HUGE, carboloaded breakfast possible....and the kitchen looked like a bomb went off. It took me a long time to clean all the pans and dishes. They meant well though. :)

fancy nancy said...

I understand the one bad move snowballing! I need to keep things our of my everyday food because it just leads to bad choices!! For me...bagels. I LOVE bagels...and guacamole but not together!

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