Monday, December 8, 2014

Could have been or what will be?

Which will be YOU?
A little Monday Motivation around the Holiday Season!  A time of year to celebrate our lives, families, friends, our faith and OUR HEALTH!  We all know 2015 is around the corner and we'll be bombarded with NEW YEAR, NEW YOU motivation but will you spend another year saying "could have been?"  HOPE NOT...
Will you look back and say, "My life could have been better?"  Or will you be the "I did it!"
My younger years were back and forth.  I had years where I'd keep my weight down significantly and maintain for a bit here and there. I also had years that seemed to get worse before they would get better...I'd gain quite a bit of weight in a short amount of time from constantly overeating meal after meal but then I'd set myself straight, starve and be back on the right track, I think?

Although that picture on the left reflects a shorter time in my life, it was my heaviest and the middle represents where I stayed for YEARS... it is my "could have been" phase.  Because while I love to stand by the NO REGRETS attitude, I do have regrets.  Somewhat.  I don't wish for a different life because this life led me to where I am today, helping people.  
The important thing is that I didn't STAY in the "could have been " stage forever...
the life of regret.

INSTEAD I said, "What will I do to change my life? What will I do to be healthy once and for all?"
And I did it.
Was it easy?  NO.
Did I stumble and take two steps back...more than a few times?  YES.
But I didn't give up because I knew giving up meant going back to "could have been" and I wanted to change SO badly.  For my health, my happiness, for ME...I wanted to be the "what will be!"

Want it badly enough that you'll do anything to reach it.
It will give you just enough fuel to push you through the process.  That's not saying life won't knock you down a time or's saying you will never quit!  EVER!  Even after you reach the destination...You'll make a promise to keep climbing, reaching and exceeding and making your "WHAT WILL BE" different and exciting...EVERY DAY!  

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jillconyers said...

I couldn't have done 2014 any better! What will be in 2015 :)

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