Monday, December 15, 2014

party recap and "knowing the struggle on the inside"

Another Move It Momma Christmas party is in the books!  OH such fun!!!

We clean up nicely!
There was plenty of laughter throughout the night, making for a great evening with beautiful people!  These ladies are absolutely gorgeous and they are like family to me :)

We talked after workout today about people seeing the struggles that we fight day to day.  
If these struggles are not voiced within our group then I fear that some feel as though they are fighting alone.  The thing that we most have in common?  

The struggles are what makes us come together 
to accomplish the goal each week to stay healthy!
It's the ONLY thing that works for me, personally
 so they save my life by showing up each week!  It's true.  

What struggles?  Let's see...

We struggle to show up to the workouts. Even I do and I'm the instructor! 
We want to sleep in, stay in our pj's and conquer the day from the couch but we DON'T.

We struggle to NOT eat that bag of chips on the counter or those honey bun's in the pantry.
But it's not just "Oh that looks delicious." For me it's TOUGH.  I seriously talk to myself, out loud to tell myself I don't need that, it's only my mind wanting it because I'm tired, stressed, bored, etc!  IT.IS.HARD to stay away at every hour of every day.  I have to fight that urge to open the pantry to mindless munching.  I have to tell myself I don't need that bag of Doritos that's staring me down at the grocery store.  I have to have an argument with myself over each and every bite that goes into my mouth.  Am I afraid one day I'll spiral out of control?  Not anymore because I'm honest with myself and if I screw up and go overboard, I forgive myself because I'm human and I keep at it knowing tomorrow is a new day, or that next meal needs to be smarter.  BUT if I try and fool myself into thinking that this struggle is easy then I'm lying to myself and setting up to fail.  

We struggle to NOT compare ourselves to one another.
It's okay to be truthful on this one.  We, as women, want what others have.  Oh I wish I had your tummy, legs, thighs, butt...and the list goes on.  Truth is, we can struggle here but we must accept ourselves the way that we are.  I am not a curvy woman and I always admit that I wish I had curves.  I hate being tall but openly admit it.  But I also know I am strong and that we as women must lift one another up instead of drag one another down.  We lose sight of our own value, strength and courage when we are constantly living in the shadows of "what we wish we had." and it does not make it okay to bash another woman for taking care of her health, due to jealously that you can't justify because that woman overcomes her struggles each day. It must end.

We struggle to be honest with ourselves.
Honesty makes us stronger. The honesty is what helps people grow, change & inspire one another. 
I personally tell it like it is. I have loose skin and stretch marks. I have had no surgeries or tools that helped me get healthy...ever. Yes I took supplements here and there until I educated myself on proper nutrition in college. But it must be the work YOU put in, the struggles you overcome each moment, and the sacrifices YOU make to be healthy. 

Don't live trapped inside a body that doesn't "work". It's no way to live and you CAN fight back. Make a positive outcome out of the battles you fight within. To me, the more you struggle, the harder you'll push! 
It makes you indestructible! 


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