Monday, December 29, 2014


As we tighten up for 2015 by setting goals, reflecting on the year that will soon pass and focusing on positive changes that we all hopefully made...and will continue making long into the New Year
we need to stop and remind ourselves to not become INTIMIDATED.
By the gym.  People around us that may not believe that we can achieve our goals.  By the long road ahead whether it's weight we need to lose, strength we need to gain or emotional eating battles we must fight.
As we worked out today, we had some faces that I hadn't seen in a while, which makes me so happy!!  One of them said something that stood out to me.  She said, "Whew, I feel so intimidated with how out of shape I have become..."

Of course we each have fears of failure and we surely don't want people to see those insecurities...BUT if we allow those feelings to take over and STOP us from trying then we've lost the battle within ourselves.  A sign that we've give up.  That intimidation has now taken over and we are at its mercy.  

I think people look up to those that keep trying.  The door keeps slaming in your face but you keep trying to open it.  You keep climbing regardless of how many times you've fallen back.  People envy that and admire that.  We ALL want to be fearless!  It's whether or not we allow intimidation to stand in our way.  

Time and time again I reflect on how many times I was intimidated by change but wanted it SO badly. I wanted it but never wanted to do the work for it.  That's just not possible.  We can't have our cake and eat it too...literally :)  

Of course I was intimidated by change.  Intimidated by failure.  By the people in the gym that seemed to look at me like, "when will she quit?" but I decided to turn that into a positive by proving them wrong...and myself wrong because deep down I didn't 100% believe I could until I did...
By allowing them to frighten me, they won.  They figured me out before I had even figured out what I wanted...
So you want to allow the doubters to win?  You want what they say about you to be true? "Oh she'll lose weight and then gain it again."  "Oh it's just a phase, she'll be overweight and out of shape in no time." "She's done this before and it never sticks...just give it time."...See for me I allow these thoughts to filter inside my mind then turn them into fuel.  That fuel pushes and inspires me to conquer the world.  I have no doubt that I'll have good days and bad...I've had plenty but it's how I keep moving forward that will motivate the people around me.  I want my boys to see a strong, healthy mother that puts her health as a priority so as they grow up, they will value their health just as much...
It's a cycle and they WILL practice what we preach.  If we model it they will hopefully follow...
Your family, friends, neighbors, co-workers...everyone!  That's how we make change!  TOGETHER! 

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