Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Finding Balance?

When it comes to losing weight or reaching a new fitness goal, 
we must all focus on finding balance.  It is a change for life and we must make the decision every day to be healthy, to put ourselves as a priority in our own life and lead a healthy lifestyle!  It's a struggle and sadly, I don't think it gets much easier.  I still fight the urges and temptations that are there all of the time.  I choose to get up and exercise, to make working out and healthy eating a part of my daily life and it's a choice I must make each and every day.
When I think about finding my balance...
I think about these boys and the example that I want to set for them as they grow.
I think about my childhood...the lack of self-esteem from being overweight.
I think about crying myself to sleep most nights in high school because I felt so ugly.
I think about having to be the "funny girl" so people wouldn't focus on my weight.
I also think about how I used to consume portions that were 3-4 times the size they should have been.
or coming home after school and going straight for the pantry and fridge, I couldn't get to the food fast enough.  Every time I felt emotional, I turned to food.  All of the time, I turned to food.  I could control that food, even if everything else was going wrong.
I needed to find balance.
I started making small changes that gave me huge results.  I was feeling good and confident.  I was gaining self-esteem, getting strong and healthy.  I finally had balance!  hooray!!
and now that these boys are in my life...
I am able to focus on them, my husband and our family!  I know that they help me focus on what's important in life!

After losing over 80lbs in 2002,  I allowed myself to gain a lot of that weight back when I was pregnant with my first child.  When I look back at pictures, I understand that I had let that balance go.
2006-after the birth of my first son
lost that balance...

Last summer, my husband and I were kicking butt!  
My husband reached his weight loss goal of losing over 100lbs!!  
We were running and training hard, and our diets were incredible...
2011- found that balance once again!

And here I am, struggling to find that balance once again...I had gained 9lbs since this picture was taken but I am determined to get it off!  And now with only 5lbs to go...
I am about 85% there and just need to focus and set those small goals!  
And believe me, I will succeed!  I will also run another half marathon and make it under 2:30!  
I will continue to lead a healthy lifestyle and share my story and struggles.  
I will raise a healthy family who shares the joy of exercise, together!  
And I will continue to help all of the people who struggle to lose weight, just as I once did, 
to help every one find that balance and keep it!

Now it's your turn, 
how do you find balance when it comes to eating healthy, exercise and maintaining a healthy weight?


Nadine said...

It's so not easy! When I get my 4 hours sleep, I'm okay, but when I don't, it's so hard to not eat the wrong things(chocolate!) and skip my runs(couldn't run my whole 10k today, but I had only 1 hour sleep).

But I keep working at it.

Elle said...

I was doing pretty well with balance till I started running more, training for this half marathon and I have put on 5 lb too. I was warned about weight gain while training for a distance run... so now I have my nose to the grindstone again, eating cleaner for FUEL and eschewing the treats and sweets.

It is hard and a constant struggle, for me, but it is important so I just DO it... about 80% of the time!

Your boys are adorable and you and your husband are a beautiful, healthy couple, setting great examples for them. I know that is important to you and I think you are doing such a good job of it.

Just stay with it. You are succeeding... it is a journey, remember.

And something I just heard at a WW meeting last week... PROCESS not OUTCOME... works for me!

Samantha said...

Im sorry, did someone say 4 hours of sleep?! Whaaat?
Being pregnant, my balance has mainly been focused on diet. Yes, you can give into this one craving because you've been eating so healthy.
When I am done being pregnant I hope to workout more and start running. I will def need you as some motivation!!!


Jess said...

Great post. This is always the struggle. Balance. I think too you have a great point that this is an on-going journey. Once we reach our fitness goals, we reassess, take stock, and keep at it!

The Dawkins said...

I struggle with balance everyday, somedays I do great and other days....ehh not so well. The key is to get up the next morning and try again:)

Katie @ Will Race for Carbs said...

Way to go Marissa! I too have gained 10 pounds in a year and I just don't understand it. I trained for 2 triathlons and another half marathon in that time...but then I broke my toe and was out of commission for awhile, but still 10 pounds?? So needless to say, I am trying to find that balance too.

hiker mom said...

Awesome job! You are inspiring so many people:) My kids are almost 10 and 12 and I still strive to find the right balance. I think it will always be a work in progress.

Lara Lapin said...

Lovely and honest post. Finding the balance is a struggle, it really is one day at a time and a hiccup is just that. The key is not to let the hiccups derail you completely. Though that is much easier said than done.

Jen said...

finding the balance is difficult and something that I constantly struggle with.

misszippy said...

So impressive, Marissa! You look gorgeous in that pic.

Finding balance is always hard. I love to focus on the training part more than the eating part, but it has to be both. I just keep thinking about what i want to put into my body and that keeps me on the straight and narrow for the most part.

cooperl788 said...

Finding balance IS tough! I think it's a daily battle that everyone faces; what to choose to eat, are you going to exercise, how much... the list goes on and on.
To find balance in my daily life, exercise is a must. I try to make it to the gym 5x a week, though usually I only get there 4x. But after doing that, it sets the tone for my day. It's much easier for me to keep to my overall goal of maintaining, because I've had my daily reminder.

Mommy Minded said...

I still havent found it. I needed this post.

Laura Boll said...

You have such good insight into where your strengths and weaknesses are, and what has gotten you this far... you and your husband have an amazing story, congrats! Try to remember how far you've come... you'll get those last few pounds. :) Btw, I got my okay to run and thought of you yesterday as I did 6.2... just a few days too late!

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