Monday, March 26, 2012

mixin' it up!

with lots of soccer and baseball happening with our 5 year old...
(he's the one to the left in the while shirt, kicking the ball!)
 ...and taking these boys on new and exciting adventures like an NBA basketball game...
Oh and with my husband working lots of overtime, I have found that mixing up my workouts has done the trick with our BUSY schedule these days...and it seems to be working!  
I feel great, so when it comes to workouts- change is good!

My recent workouts:  I dug out my spin bike from the garage, dusted it off (yes, sad but true) and held my very own, personal spin class in my backyard!  It was mid-80's and sunny so I was able to work on my tan while drenched in sweat-so gross, while getting a great spin workout!  Ah, I love spinning!  With all of you posting to DailyMile about your spin classes, I was jealous and had to improvise!  

Also, I have incorporated some great Jillian workouts-thanks to your suggestions and the 12 minute workout from BessBeFit, as mentioned in previous posts!  
Tomorrow will be a 5 mile run before the temps get too crazy hot, so I'll let ya know how that goes!  My month of March motto is, "mix it up and make it work"since lately I feel like I'm being pulled in 100 different directions!  Do you ever feel that way?  I'm sure as these boys get older, I'll have more days where I feel overwhelmed with sports among other things!  

Guess it always comes back to balance...with all aspects of our lives.
Finding time for healthy living on top of taking care of our families and their needs as well as our own.

**Also, I was suppose to mail the winners their great giveaway prizes, but with my husband working so much, I've yet to have time to bring the box of goodies and get them all mailed out, so patience...they're coming this week!  

what's your favorite way to mix up your workouts?  
Do you enjoy outdoor workouts or prefer the A/C?


Penny said...

I to like to mix it up. Love that you got your spin bike out and gave it a spin. Congrats.

hiker mom said...

Nice job mixing it up! I prefer to workout outside. No need to worry about AC here. It's still cold here in Seattle. I guess I won't know what to do if it ever gets warm here. I am so used to running in the cold;)

April Westerhold said...

I feel exactly that way! My workouts have really taken a backseat between the side merchandising job that I picked up and now the travel agent job. On the flip side, I've lost 5lbs and have no idea how. I'm going to try to get Jillian in today.

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