Sunday, March 11, 2012

these recipes are worth trying...and workouts too!

When I was asked a few weeks ago to review, Eating Light, Done Right I wanted to see what this book and author were all about!  I was so thrilled to find out that she is a fellow Mom from Texas trying to keep her family healthy!  I started to read her story and felt like I had known this woman for years!  Just as I did, she turned to food during emotional and stressful situations.  I could relate to every word she wrote in the beginning of that book.  
I read the excerpt of the book and was immediately sold when I saw Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese Omelet....Mmmm!  Sounds good, right?  Yea, you know it does!  
Her healthy recipes are easy to prepare and call for very little ingredients.  And from what I read, she keeps these kid-friendly which is something I am always looking for when it comes to healthy cooking!  

"Tania is a full-time single mom to two little boys, one of whom has Asperger’s syndrome. She also juggles a fashion career, volunteering for her sons’ PTA, raising money for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and other charities, attending her sons’ sporting activities five nights a week, exercising, writing, and tending to the daily cooking, laundry, dishes and stress that come with modern life.
She lives in Dallas, Texas, and saw what appeared to be a hole in the self-help/cookbook market as she quickly dropped her baby weight and experienced droves of people at the gym asking “How?” As she dug deeper, she realized that while she had made the decision to stop eating emotionally, many of these people had not. Herein lies the groundwork for Eating Light, Done Right: Simply Sinless Recipes from the Single Mom Next Door. Drawing on her experience in the military counseling troops on weight control, she quickly realized that she loved helping people face the demons within. This turning point redirected her life in a positive direction."

**I will be reviewing the hard copy of her book, but I wanted to make sure you all had this recipe right NOW!!

Simply Sinless Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese Omelet
1 cup egg whites
4 teaspoons nonfat or light cream cheese
1 ounce smoked salmon
Fat-free cooking spray, olive oil flavor
Sea salt
Cracked black pepper
Smidge of olive oil
1. Coat nonstick skillet with fat-free cooking spray and add a smidge of olive oil. Whisk
together egg whites, cream cheese, salt and pepper and pour into prepared skillet.
Cook over medium to high heat, gently moving the mixture around as it cooks.
2. When eggs are almost finished cooking, add the salmon to the top of the eggs and
cover for 30 seconds to a minute. Remove lid, add a little more salt and pepper,
slide omelet onto plate, fold in half, and serve with fresh fruit or whole wheat toast.
Serves 2.

Weekend Workouts:
With it raining like crazy around here, I had to depend on many indoor workouts to keep me moving over the weekend!  If you are limited to outdoors and home video workouts like me, then you are probably aware that Exercise TV no longer exists?   ExerciseTV allowed us to view Jillian Michael's workouts, Jackie Werner, Crunch Crew, Biggest Loser workouts and more.  OnDemand, thankfully decided to keep some fitness channels which are like made-for-TV workouts BUT they aren't bad!  I was afraid to try them out, thinking they couldn't possibly make me sweat and burn calories like Jillian, but I was actually WRONG!  These are some great workouts, with interval training routines, which are my favorite when I'm forced to workout indoors!  With the rain, I also missed my weekend Spring Fever run, but I WILL complete my 10K run by the 15th, even if it happens in the pouring rain!!

Spring Fever- March 1st through 15th- I have been loving all of your pictures from the race!  They have made me smile!  I love that I have readers from so many different places!  Amazing!  Thank you all for participating and don't forget that you have through Thursday, 15th to get your email, picture or link to me to be entered to win!  Hurry!!


Elle said...

That recipe looks great. I do something very similar with canned or bbq'd salmon as I don't get smoked very often... lovely!

I cannot recall if I sent you a link to my blog post about our race results ?? Thanks Marissa.

Bridie said...

I'm running my virtual 10k today over lunch...if that inspires you to "run" with me :)

Our OnDemand fitness is weird, kind of spotty. There are times when it's just awful, and other times when it has Jillian's workouts on it!

Mommy Minded said...

sounds great! Cant wait to read your review!

Laura Boll said...

Sounds like a great recipe book! I'm still holding out hope of getting in that 5k or 10k... I wanted to run this weekend, but my ankle still feels stiff when I get up in the morning so I'm giving it a few more days. I got lots of spinning in! Glad the rain is finally subsiding.

Katie @ Will Race for Carbs said...

I still need to fit in my run!!! I am not sure how I am going to do it but I will. I knew I shouldn't have procrastinated!!! I have a super super sick kid so I hope I don't have to get a DNS on a virtual race!

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