Friday, June 14, 2013

BUSY but productive!

I don't think I've ever gone an entire week without writing...
Things have been pretty busy around here with the start of summer, hosting a baby shower for my friend tomorrow and we are headed out of town on Sunday!  
Plus, we've had some medical issues with my oldest son that we've been at doctor appointments trying to figure please send a little prayer up for my boy if ya can :)

Although I've been busy, I've still been meal prepping, working out HARD and finding cool things to share with all of you, so here we go!

sorry for the delay on this announcement...
Hiker Mom- Rachelle
You have 24 hours to contact me and thanks to all who entered! 

If you're a member of a gym and want to challenge yourself this summer, 
you may want to give Les Mills BodyPump a try!
a little added motivation to get ya to try something new,
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And now for some BURRITO fun I'd like to share...

 Move It Momma burrito bowl
 99% lean ground turkey-browned
Add kidney beans, peas, string beans-I used fresh that I had previously steamed, and whatever other veggies  you'd like!  I added 1/2 cup brown rice to the bottom of each bowl and then topped mine with spring mix greens! Mix up and enjoy!  The kids thought this was so fun and ate it all up!  You can add salsa, plain Greek yogurt or avocado for added flavor and a great topping to make the bowl look pretty!  ENJOY! This really took about 10 minutes to prepare, so don't ever say healthy eating takes too much time OR money...a healthy, cheap and easy meal right here!!!

Move It Momma PB breakfast burrito
 *my boys request this breakfast often!
whole wheat tortilla of any kind, I use Ole brand
2 tbs natural PB
1/4 banana, sliced 
1/4 c flaxseed Bran cereal-I used Nature's Path Organic
Layer the burrito as pictured.  I also crumble the cereal so it's smaller pieces.  Wrap it up and serve with a Chobani Champions tube! 

Two healthy burrito recipes for on the go that are FAMILY-FRIENDLY!  Healthy eating can be easy, it can be cheap and delicious too!  If you are taking the time to feed yourself nutritious foods, don't we think it's important to do the same for our children?  We MUST take the time and effort to prepare healthy meals for our families and to teach our children the importance of healthy living!  It's never too early or too late.  They want to know and want to learn what fuels their body.  They need to learn that soft drinks aren't a food group and that the rice krispie treats at their school check out line aren't part of a balanced lunch every day!  Our children know math and science but do they know about the heart muscle and how we must take care of it to grow strong and healthy?  Probably not as much as they should.  Take each moment to teach your children as you're washing veggies, preparing them what's the "good for you" foods and what are the "special occasion" foods! They will surprise you and when they learn the why and how on healthy living, they just might be open to trying new things, to putting down the TV remote and going outside!  
It's worth a any age!  Adults too :)
MOST IMPORTANTLY: Don't make healthy eating a chore.  Make it part of daily life.  Once you figure out what works for your family, it just makes'll feel like it's the only way and it'll come second nature!  Then your family will feel better, have more energy and they'll be asking for more of your healthy creations!  Trust me!  But shhh, you don't have to tell them you learned it from the Move It Momma!

SO proud of this guy!  Had his first golf camp this week.  By day 2, you'd think he had been golfing for years!  So cute to watch!  Although it was hot here in Texas, he pushed himself and learned a lot.  The last day they were able to get in a foursome and play a tournament and my little man placed second in his age group, so I was VERY proud!
My little golfer!  
I don't think it'll ever get old watching him carrying those clubs like a big man!
 a little picture of us waiting for the tournament to begin!  
Yea we had been running around acting goofy, so we're already sweaty!!!  
I love these boys more than life.  We've had a rough week with my oldest and the doctors appointments, ya know it really puts into perspective how precious and beautiful life really is.  We must cherish each and every moment...make it count.  Show our families how much we love them, treat our bodies right by fueling them with the RIGHT foods and exercising to feel good so we have the energy to ENJOY LIFE and the little moments that count most!

If you don't think you're living life to the fullest, what are you waiting for?
The other day while visiting with family, my husband and I were talking about signing up for a half marathon together since we haven't done it since 2012 and BAM! we signed up right there in our Aunt's living room!  October 27th HERE WE COME!!!!  Why not?  
We must live and enjoy life and every moment we are given.  Don't waste time on this Earth feeling tired, achy, worthless and meaningless...get out there and LIVE!  Experience all that this beautiful world has to offer TODAY!  Tomorrow will come too late, so start now.  Do something you've always wanted to do but something has held you back.  Break that cycle and just get out there and do it.  You'll surprise yourself, I promise!!  

And lastly, thanks to CHOBANI for our wonderful surprise package yesterday!  The boys thought it was Christmas in June when they opened the box!  Their favorite yogurts and LOTS of them!!!!  In every flavor! We had two, happy boys in this house last night!!!  
We can't go to the grocery store without picking up a box of these.  They like all of the flavors but Blueberry might be their favorite!  These are great frozen as a healthy treat in replacement of ice cream on those hot, summer days!  Sometimes I open one and squeeze it into their smoothie mixture for some different flavors!  

Quick recipe TIP:
Last week I mixed a Jammin' Strawberry Chobani tube with almond milk and a 1/2 frozen banana Blend and enjoy!  My boys thought it was the best dessert EVER!  
Keep guessing when it comes to feeding your kids healthy'll be surprised what you can come up with that they'll end up loving!  

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