Tuesday, June 4, 2013

National Running Day

What a great day!!!
In honor of this day celebrating one of my favorite workouts- 

wake up tomorrow and RUN! It doesn't have to be far or fast...JUST RUN! You might surprise yourself!!! 

Running is a beautiful sport to which I owe so much respect. The elite runners that inspire, those that wake up and push out 15 miles like its a stroll in the park, those that were never "runners" in their former life but somehow find a respect and LOVE of the runners "high"-that would be me! 
Running for me means To push ourselves further, faster and harder through each mile. To find our inner strength, that fight and determination that's buried deep within each of us! That feeling when you see another runner and you wanna rush home, change clothes and go push out some miles!!  its definitely a feeling like no other!!! 

Why do YOU love running? 
If you aren't a runner, will you give it a try tomorrow?! PUSH YOURSELF! 

 Celebrate a love for running tomorrow and every day! And to help celebrate our love for running, the Rock N Roll Marathon Series is offering a one-day discount on their race entries!!! Woohoo!!! Check out their website for details regarding fun runs taking place tomorrow in honor of National Running Day too, in 30 cities across the US! And rocknroll.competitor.com is offering a TOMORROW-ONLY $20 discount on all entries to the Rock N Roll race series!!! Fun! 

 Details can be found at rocknroll.competitor.com 

Disclosure:I received this information in hopes that I'd share with my readers. No compensation was received. 


fancy nancy said...

Happy Running Day!!!!

kimert said...

I can't wait to lace up this afternoon. I don't care if it's a bazillion degrees out or that I'm exhausted... I WILL RUN!! Have a great day! And thank you for all your kind words. You truly inspire me and keep me motivated.

Lilwelly5 said...

Happy Running Day!!!

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