Sunday, June 30, 2013

reality TV will inspire

If you watched this week's episode of Extreme Weight Loss, I hope you were inspired.  
His story was shared with millions and I hope it changed at least one other life, in that very moment.  
For me, it only helped push me further.  Knowing he did it with only one arm, among other obstacles.   
It gets rid of all of the excuses...doesn't it?  

It's amazing stories like that they help me believe in reality TV...while much of it is filled with shows for pure entertainment, a few such as Extreme Weight Loss and Biggest Loser-INSPIRE. 

Yes I sit in front of my TV each week, usually crying over their stories.  Their struggles.  Their weaknesses and self-doubt.  Of course I pick favorites...I'll tell my husband, "Oh this girl or this guy is going to be running marathons by the end, look at his/her determination!"  It gets me SO excited just writing about it.  
And sadly, I also "pretend" that the former contestants are my friends in real life!  I'll talk about them in conversation like their our neighbors! Oh how embarrassing! Ha!

But I love to follow their journey after the show.  
I like to see how day to day life has changed, the opportunities that come their way, how their healthy way of life inspires them to start living a new way of life.  I like to see their foods and workouts, ALL OF IT! 

So incredible how they appreciate the opportunity to get healthy more than anything else in their lives...pretty cool that a show can do that, huh?  
Their transformations are INCREDIBLE and I think that's what draws us in each week!
And I'm sure part of what I love so much is that I can relate.  
Although I was never morbidly obese, during my years as an overweight teen/adult I felt empty.  I felt lost. Almost as if each day was a repeat of the day before and I needed help.  I needed to know there was a way out and that I wouldn't be on this weight loss journey alone.  
Whatever it may be that makes us feel empty and hopeless, we FIGHT BACK and that's what makes us strong!  
Still beautiful but STRONGER!  

That's how I feel as I go through each day of my weight loss I travel down that never ending road, I must remind myself: 
There will be bumps and unexpected turns BUT we will conquer those fears, we will be stronger, and we will never feel empty again -Move It Momma

Be healthy, live healthy, help your family and friends get healthy too-
For the sake of ourselves, our children, the growing number of obese children, the growing number of people developing Type 2 diabetes, heart disease and other health-related illnesses.  
And if you don't find inspiration through these shows, find something that INSPIRES.

*And if you haven't watched Extreme Weight Loss, I suggest you give it a's pretty amazing!*

And now let's talk about FOOD! 
It happens each day as I'm scrolling through Instagram or Pinterest....
My mouth begins to water, my tummy starts to growl and I think
Hmmm what foods am I going to make this week?  
I go through the "hard" recipes and see if I can find a way to make them simple.  
Next, I think about the foods I have in my fridge and pantry.  
Then I get to work...

Here's some of what I've come up with this week!  Enjoy!  

Sweet Potato Fries
2-3 sweet potatoes with the skin.  
Slice them any way you'd like :)  Have fun with it but as you can see, these are pretty lame!
Sprinkle with black pepper and spray with coconut oil spray or other cooking spray.  
Bake at 450 toward top of rack until cooked through
Flipping after 10 minutes to get both sides crispy.  

Fire Roasted Zucchini
3-4 zucchini, sliced
Saute with 1 tbs extra virgin olive oil on medium heat.  
Add Fire Roasted Tomatoes with no salt added and simmer until warmed and zucchini are tender.
Serve with a sprinkle of Parmesan cheese and you'll feel like you're eating at a gourmet, Italian restaurant! 

Banana Whip "cream"
2 frozen bananas, sliced
toppings of choice :)
I placed the banana slices in my Magic Bullet and that's IT!  Mix and enjoy!  It did require some stirring to get the banana to blend properly since it's ONLY bananas in there!  
Once blended like ice cream, serve and enjoy!
I topped with a few, mini chocolate chips but I think this wouldn't tasted AMAZING with a little scoop of PB on top! 

As you can see, my boys enjoyed it!  
They keep asking for it, so I better freeze some bananas!  

Have a great week!  

Do you enjoy reality TV?
Are you obsessed with Extreme Weight Loss and BL like me?!


Sweat Is My Sanity said...

I love reality TV. I am having a hard time fitting any TV into my days now that I'm working and focusing on fitness again. When I had my treadmill it made it easier to do both. ;) Let me know if you think you might go to Fitbloggin' next year. I'd love to room with you. They usually announce the next year's location at the conference so I'll have to ask around or google it. Not sure if they decided yet. I LOVED it last's awesome. I've also been to Blissdom and I loved this one even more. Even though my friends were at Blissdom and I had an amazing night with Mat Kearney. Lol.

misszippy said...

That zucchini recipe sounds really good. I need more zuchinni recipes b/c it is so plentiful right now.

Love Extreme Weight Loss (when I can stay awake long enough to watch!)

Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

Love Extreme Weight loss but I haven't caught any episodes lately. Summer seems so busy we have hardly had the TV on, will have to catch up online.

Love sweet potato fries too, I could eat them every day. too bad my husband is only so so about them.

Tasha @Healthy Diva said...

I love watching inspiring TV shoes, but have yet to watch Extreme Weight Loss. Is it similar to Biggest Loser? I do love Biggest Loser. That is one of my favorite shows of all time.

jillconyers said...

I hardly ever watch TV but I became hooked on Biggest Loser a season or 2 ago. I"m the same way while scrolling through Pinterest. My mouth waters and stomach growls :)

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