Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Don't forget

It's like forgetting your keys, purse or wallet when you're headed to run errands...sort of!
If you want & need it bad enough, you will do what it takes to get it, won't you?

Same goes with your health and fitness!

If you "leave it at home", things will never get done, results won't happen, you will not improve.
BUT if you treat it like forgetting your keys- can't get things done without it? your results will surprise you! It's where the amazing happens...the life-changing moments are on their way :-) 

Don't leave home without a PLAN each day. 
What will you eat for breakfast? 
One smart decision here will result in healthier choices throughout your day, trust me I've experimented with this one all too often :-(

What about lunch?
Will you raid the vending machine as your hunger kicks in at 1pm? 

OR will you PLAN? 
Pack a lunch with fresh fruits, veggies and protein.
Get moving? PLAN your workout while you're eating your lunch. 
Will it be a 25min jog through the neighborhood or a walk in your work clothes at lunch? The beauty is that it can change each day!
I PLANNED my workout last night, while on vacation! It CAN be done folks!
So it was the elliptical & some free weights and then my husband went for a 3 mile run...all before the boys woke up! Yep, our campgrounds have a workout room but if they didn't, I'd improvise to get it done...wouldn't you?! YES!
And it doesn't stop there. Make that decision each day to PLAN healthy meals . Because while at the beach, I knew we'd be hungry but the only options were chicken tenders & French fries :-( uh oh! BUT we are planned, so no worries.
Make it work :-) every, single day!!! 

And on a side note: we are having a great vacation! Hope you're enjoying your day too!! 


misszippy said...

So true! it has to be incorporated into the daily routine, each and every day. The nice thing is, once it becomes habit, it's a habit you don't want to break!

fancy nancy said...

So true!!! You have to schedule it every day...food, exercise, if you want it to fit in you need to make sure you do it! Glad you're having a good vacation!!

Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

Glad you are having a great vacation! and great job fitting in a workout and healthy foods too.

jillconyers said...

Don't forget! That's exactly why I'm an avid planner. And the great things is it eventually becomes habit :)

Enjoy your vacation!

kimert said...

You are absolutely right! Glad you are having a great vaca!

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