Sunday, August 18, 2013

4 week challenge and CHICKEN!

I have started a four week challenge with a good friend of mine along with my husband and so far it's off to a great start!  Other than being a little hungry the first few days, I'm happy to report that I feel better and feel leaner, only in a matter of DAYS!  

After years of a poor diet, I like to change things up to keep healthy foods interesting!  If you at a place in your life where you feel frustrated, then CHANGE.  Don't let okay be enough...fight for more!  Want more out of life.  Set goals that you will attain.  Find people that will encourage you to reach and exceed those goals.  Life is far too short to live with regret!  
I lived with regret for far too long and it's a life that leaves you feeling empty.  A cycle that will continue to take over your life.  Unhealthy habits will keep you from seeing all that life has to offer.  Don't settle for that, FIGHT FOR MORE!

Meal 1 (on a low carb day) is 5oz. plain Chobani Greek with berries
*I like my berries frozen, adds a little different texture and keeps the yogurt really cold.

Meal 3 sample is 4oz chicken breast, 1/3 c long grain brown rice and veggies.  Yum!  Not much different that what we've been sticking to since January but the carbs slowly go away by the evening and it's pretty much eating every few hours and it's working and giving us the results we're looking for.  
*This is by NO means a maintenance plan, just something to kick start our goals for right now!

and ya know I can't go without sharing a recipe favorite each week so here ya go:
Greek Chicken from He and She Eat Clean is DELICIOUS!
3 lbs boneless, skinless Chicken Breasts
1/2 cup of Greek Seasoning (make your own)
2 Tbsp of Coconut Oil

Optional Ingredient: Juice of 1 Lemon

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees
2. Cube chicken & place in olive oil coated large pyrex dish (we use an olive oil mister)
3. Melt coconut oil in microwave (approx 30 sec) & drizzle over cubed chicken
4. Sprinkle Greek seasoning over cubed chicken & squeeze lemon on top
5. Bake for approx 30-40 min until chicken is fully cooked (we recommend using a meat thermometer)

Thanks to He and She Eat Clean for this delicious recipe :) ENJOY!

Last night we were given the opportunity to take the boys to the Houston Texans game, thanks to our fabulous Aunt Liz & family!  We had a BLAST!  Definitely an experience we'll never forget!  Go Texans!


fancy nancy said...

I'm in need of a challenge too!! That chicken looks awesome!!! I'm ready for today...roasted a ton of veggies and the chicken is going in soon!

jillconyers said...

I love what you said about being frustrated and making a change. It's so true!

That's a great shot of you!

Hollie said...

I've been so frustrated with myself lately. I know what to do I just don't do it. I try to fight and then I've gone and blown a meal. Not sure what's wrong with me. It's such a mental struggle.

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