Saturday, August 24, 2013


Where families gather...
Is yours a happy place where you can feel good about yourself?  

What about your family?

If you open the fridge or pantry door and temptation is staring back at you...
chances are its an area of your home that you either conquer each day or leave feeling defeated. 

When you go exploring in your kitchen, as we often do when hungry...

What's to choose?
Is the "food for the kids" the first thing you see? 

First off, the kids food and snack choices should be healthy too. Are they? Or are boxes of Little Debbie's and Froot Loops blocking your view? If so, WHY? 

What about the fridge and freezer? Ya looking at ice cream and microwaveable French fries? Eeek! 

We are responsible for what we bring into our home. 

Is it okay to splurge on some frozen yogurt with the family? Absolutely. 
But what's helping set you up for failure is that half gallon of Blue Bell that meets you each time you open the freezer door. 

If you create a healthy and positive atmosphere in your kitchen, you've won half the battle. I hear all the time, "well that food is for my husband...he can't live without _____ or "my kids have to have these foods for snacks and lunches." Really? In order to survive, the household must have 2 cases of Coca-cola and Doritos? 
Ohhhhh  :( 
NOT falling for it! 
Especially when my pantry and fridge as a child was like a carnival for me...the binge eater. I did not want or know how to say no. If it was there, I'd eat it. It didn't even have to be my favorite foods, I saw it and I wanted it. The unhealthier, the better. 

What if you're telling yourself, I can resist those foods in my pantry if I need to or that you've got crazy good willpower.  Okay great!  But if they are unhealthy, tempting foods then why have them AT ALL?

The solution?
Give the household giving only healthy choices. 
They are still choosing, aren't they? YES. 
*But it's not the power to choose H2O over a Dr Pepper or carrot sticks over Funyuns. It's ALL healthy options...for all of you. 

Bam! You've turned your kitchen into a safe place for all. The family can gather without being faced with temptation, judgement, or fear. 
If you have emotional attachments or issues with food as I did then you'll know what I mean. And if you aren't relating, chances are one family member knows and feels this way or has felt this way at some point. 

I honestly believe it's a family effort in the kitchen. You must all be on board for it to stick. Who wants to sit down at the dinner table, a happy place where families gather to talk about the day, and feel threatened or deprived? Not me. And none if your family members do either. Make it a happy place :) choose to stock your kitchen with healthy foods for the entire family. Your husband loves soft drinks? GREAT! He'll survive. As a mom, I sure don't want to prepare 3 different meals each night so whatever I'm having, the family is having! And just like that, your family WILL adjust. Will they complain that your pantry no longer looks like a convenient store? YES, probably quite a bit. But the good news? Deep down...wayyyy down deep, they wanted the healthy options too. They'll feel better and have more energy at work, school, after school sports and activities! Trust me! 

Okay let's EAT... 

Move It Mommas Crispy Chicken Strips
You'll Need:
1lb boneless skinless chicken breast tenderloins
2 tbs Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1/4 cup Italian whole wheat breadcrumbs
2 cloves finely chopped garlic
*you can add a little Panko here as well, for added crispiness 
Dip the chicken tenders into olive oil and then barely coat with the breadcrumb and garlic mixture.  Place on sprayed Pyrex(I sprayed with Trader Joe's Coconut Oil Spray) and Bake at 425 for 25-30 minutes or until crispy!  

This is a kid favorite in my house. I serve with my cauliflower mashed potatoes and green beans.  

And although it calls for a few ingredients not on my four week challenge, I ate the combo pictured below using my crispy chicken the other day and it was perfect. 
 **Still losing weight!  Happy to report down 9lbs since August 16th!  Crazy!!!  Goes to show there's always room for improvement in our diets!**
Pictured: Wasa with flaxseed, 1 cup power greens with lemon juice and chicken

Move It Mommas Sauteed Chicken
You'll Need:
2 lbs boneless, skinless chicken breasts, diced into cubes
1/2 onion chopped
1-2 bell peppers, chopped.
Saute bell pepper and onion in a skillet ( I sprayed with TJ's Coconut Oil), once onions become transparent, add chicken.  Saute on medium heat until chicken is cooked through.  
Allow to cool and you have a quick, go-to protein for the week!

My husband and I used the sauteed chicken on top of 1/2 cup brown rice and veggie (roasted eggplant pictured below) and I turned this into fajitas for my boys using whole wheat tortillas and Chobani plain Greek yogurt for their "dip"

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Lili J said...

That eggplant looks scrumptious! We have some in our garden now I need to go pick so thanks for the reminder!!

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