Friday, August 30, 2013

Tips for the week ahead!

Labor Day weekend so be prepared to have temptation knocking down your door!
Is it okay to splurge?  That's your decision to make.  
There are no "bad" foods and "I can't have that"...
There are only choices to be made by YOU!
It's always a choice.
Decide what YOU want!
Stay prepared as you attend parties, gatherings and fun with family and friends.  
Focus on your goals.
One, unhealthy meal doesn't mean you've blown your healthy lifestyle.    

Just make sure that the rest of your calorie intake consists of healthy choices.   
What's so hard about that?  Right?  RIGHT.  Enjoy your weekend :)

School Snack ideas:
I've had a tough time this week deciding on a healthy snack choice for my son at school.  Last year each parent brought snacks for the week so we only worried about it once a month.  I would prepare trail mix, slice of cheese and apple or grapes, something fun each week!  THIS year is a little different.  It can't be refrigerated, has to be nut-free, and must fit in the side pouch of his backpack!  Argh!  
If you're dealing with the snack rut as well, try this-a handful of each of the following:
Air-popped popcorn 
Trader Joes O's
Chex cinnamon 
raisins or other dried fruit
*Lots of flavor combos without adding nuts.

Eggplant and sweet potatoes this week!
I've shared several times but here ya go again:
Slice eggplant, place on top of oven rack at 425 for 25-30 minutes or until browned!  You can do this with all veggies and sometimes I add chopped garlic and onion for flavor.  
*Tip: Ms. Dash works well on roasted veggies too.  A great, salt-free option for flavor.  

I love them a little burnt :) as you can see

As for the sweet potatoes I usually bake them whole, but decided I'd make a different batch of sweet potato fries this time by slicing and adding cinnamon/nutmeg!  Just a sprinkle of each.  Tasted like dessert!  

*Tip: a great, kid-friendly side dish to any lean protein meal for your family.  Once the sweet potatoes are sliced, I allow the kids to help me sprinkle with cinnamon and spread onto the baking sheet.  When they help out, they are usually excited to try THEIR OWN creation!  It works, I'm telling ya!  I served these with my turkey meatloaf and fresh string beans.  

I use these and other roasted veggies throughout the week.  The other day was grilled chicken, mixed power greens and roasted eggplant.  You really don't have to add dressing.  Sometimes I squeeze a little lemon but this one didn't even need it!

*Tip: This was all prepped in our fridge.  Remember staying prepared is SO important.  The grilled chicken, diced and ready to eat.  Eggplant in a large container, ready to grab and go and the greens right out of the package-triple washed, and then again washed by ME :)

Shopping for just a few things at Wal-Mart, had 3 items so went to the "10 items or less" line and found THIS:
Can you see THIS?  This is directly IN the line as you check out.  I literally placed my grapes, eggs and Almond Milk RIGHT next to it....
That would be chocolate and peanut dipped ice cream cones, Klondike ice cream cookie sandwiches and Snickers ice cream bars...AT THE CHECKOUT!  
So I thought it was bad enough that we had to pass the Doritos and Hershey bars on our way through the line but THIS?  
Wow.  We've outdone ourselves America.  

YES temptation is all around us but only IF we allow ourselves to believe that THIS is temptation. 
Is it?
Do we really want it or do we just think that somehow it will satisfy a feeling?  
Are we tired and think that opening that little package and devouring it will make that stress magically go away?
I don't think so.  
I lived that way for so long.  
Comforting and confusing FEELINGS with FOOD.  
It was a vicious cycle that repeated itself more times than I'd like to count.    
If anything it pushes you further down.  In a hole that only grows deeper with time.  
Don't let THIS be your temptation, instead allow it to be your MOTIVATION!  
You are worth so much more than that indulgence that you think will fulfill something.  It won't.  

Anybody else seen this disturbance at your local grocery store?  Eeek!


Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

I love eggplant fixed that way. and sweet potatoes. We can't bring home baked goods for snacks in kindergarten and I hate sorting through all the processed crap finding a healthy snack for the whole class. I also kind of hate the thought of what other kids might be bringing in..aack! Luckily next year they bring a snack only for themselves.

jillconyers said...

You've got to be kidding!! So sad that it must be effective for profits or they wouldn't do it. I'm more distracted by the magazines when I'm standing in line :)

The package makes the stress go away while you're eating it but ONLY while you're eating it and if you're anything like me the stress is worse afterwards. Like you said it's a cycle.

Just so I end this on a positive note I love roasted eggplant and sweet potatoes. And zucchini too!

Lilwelly5 said...

Maybe working the holiday weekend (Fri-Mon) is a blessing- I get to avoid all of the temptation! I work PM shift so we only have time in the morning to get our workout in and for me to get ready for work, eat a healthy lunch, and pack my healthy supper.

My boys love trail mix. My older two boys are to the point of taking their own snacks this year which is really nice. I am excited to try this trail mix and see what they think. I am sure they will love it! I am not a fan of providing snacks for the whole class- I know that I try to choose healthy options but don't always like the options provided by others.

I have to admit that egg plant and sweet potatoes are new to us and I can't wait to try them. We have started using zucchini in lots of our meals and it has been going over well for me and my husband- taking a bit longer for my boys to get on board with some of our new recipes.

I have to agree that the checkout lines are so frustrating! It is fairly easy to avoid the aisles where you know those items are located but then you have to stand by them while waiting to check out. For the most part I am able to avoid the temptation but it is always a struggle with my boys! Why can't we put some fruit or other healthy option along the checkout lanes?

Sweat Is My Sanity said...

Thanks for the sweet potato top. I have a confession to make, I bout them for the first time ever...was wondering what I would do with them. :) Crazy with all the temptations. All the more pressure on us as parents to teach healthy living while they are young!

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