Friday, August 2, 2013

Rock It!

When you wanna commit to getting healthy, JUST GO FOR IT!  Ya know, ROCK IT!

With your workouts, what's the point in going half way?
...we should push ourselves further each time, shouldn't we?  Why settle?  We should keep striving and reaching new goals with our health...we only have this one life, so why not live it to the fullest?  
I wasted so many years not living...I was just going through the motions, ending each day feeling disappointed and frustrated with my health, my life.  Why live that way?  We all deserve more.

We give 110% of ourselves as Mommas, wives, employees, daughters, sisters and more but at times we forget that it means we don't deserve to settle for only giving 50% when it comes to our health.  Right?  

So lets try this, 
At the beginning of the day make up your mind that you will ROCK the day!  You will make the best of it, the most of it and take care of yourself :) 

With your foods, is it okay to settle because you're busy, tired, stressed?  
Plan ahead so when those tired, lazy days come creeping up, YOU'RE PREPARED!  We all have bad days, we wouldn't be human if we didn't.  It's HOW we deal with those bad days that make us stronger.  

By the way, these Wasa flaxseed crackers are addicting!  Our new favorite snack.  Top one or two of them with a Laughing Cow Light Swiss, some fresh fruit and you're good to go!  Just a tip!

And let's not stop with ourselves, lets ROCK IT when it comes to our families.  Our children.  
They are watching our way of life every day, we must lead by example right?  Just exposing your children to healthy options like fresh fruits and vegetables you are helping them understand the importance of taking care of their health.  With childhood obesity, Type 2 diabetes and other health-related illnesses on the rise, we don't want our children to keep getting unhealthier, let's reverse that statistic TOGETHER!  

There's a website, "Rock the Lunch Box" that's here just in time for back to school!  
  • More than 100 lunch ideas for what to pack, including nut-free and vegetarian choices
  • Informative video clips by parents that explain how to involve the kids, and keeping menus creative
  • 59% of children desire healthier options in their lunch box!  Yikes! 
*For sharing videos and tips, you will find savings of up to $2.00 with coupons from Annie's, HONEST kids, Organic Valley and Stonyfield.  

For more information on Rock the Lunch Box, please visit and follow the conversation at #RockTheLunchBox 


Lili J said...

I will have to try those wasa crackers! Where do you get them- Krogers?

Marissa said...

The Wasa's are usually by the crackers, but these flaxseed were sent to me for review...I'm assuming we'll find in the same area?! I'll let you know! The other varieties are good too, but these seem to have a nuttier taste and super crunchy texture!

Tasha @Healthy Diva said...

The Wasa crackers sound good. I love anything with laughing cow cream cheese. :-)

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