Tuesday, August 20, 2013

One day at a time....

We always set out with the best intentions, don't we? We are focused, determined, have things all planned out for the week ahead and then BAM! something happens and we lose focus...we slip up just a little and we allow that one mistake to "ruin" the plans we had made for our journey. The good news: mistakes are okay. We go through times in our life that allow the PATH to change. Maybe an obstacle gets in the way BUT its us choosing to OVERCOME that obstacle that makes us STRONG! We all have the strength, the motivation and determination but we must make sure not to lose sight of it as life changes! 

I had lost sight of the journey prior to January. Although I still put exercise and healthy eating as a huge emphasis in my life and the lives of my family, I had lost focus. I had forgotten why I started this journey. I wanted to change MY life AND the lives of others but I allowed "stuff" to get in the way. I kept saying "tomorrow will be better...I will workout harder, eat better..." 
BUT sadly, tomorrow kept getting pushed back on my schedule. Funny how that happens so often, isn't it? 
Now keep in mind, I never LET GO of my journey...of my hopes, dreams and determination. It was and will always be there. However, I did let it slip. Instead of giving 110% to my health, it turned into more like 70%. And that's okay. I will not dwell but will LEARN from my mistakes this time. 

Who wants to take two steps forward and then Two steps back over and over again?? NOT ME! 

So please join me as we put our health and the health of our families FIRST! Give of yourself and push hard. AMAZING things will happen. Trust in the process, IT WORKS! 

Day 5 of the 4-week challenge and hubby & I are 5 lbs down, each! Woohoo! Determination goes a long way, doesn't it!? 
A few snapshots of meals these past few days. We are carb cycling so some days will vary:
Tuna with pepper, 1/2c brown rice and spinach with squeezed lemon!
Oats with berries-I like adding frozen berries to my foods! And two egg whites with onion. 
An evening treat! On the high carb days we do a 1/2 wrap filled with almond butter and sprinkled cinnamon! YUMMINESS!!! I popped it in the microwave for 20seconds...HEAVENLY!
Just a shot of the alternative breakfast of plain Greek with frozen berries! 
Some prepping for the day! One meal is ground turkey with brown rice and spinach! Other is 1/2 small sweet potato, zucchini with onion and baked chicken

And a progress pic! I feel leaner in my arms and shoulders which is a huge problem area for me so I'm proud! Can't wait to see more changes in my physique as time passes...
Honestly I'm 8lbs lighter than I've EVER been IN MY LIFE! Woohoo! It's the little victories!!!!! 


Lili J said...

You look amazing! Your words are always SO encouraging! Would you be willing to share your 4 week plan? I am finally back on track with working out- even though we usually eat fairly healthy, I think this would be a great jump start!

Elle said...

I agree. You DO look amazing and you sound very happy and focussed, too.

misszippy said...

You really look amazing! What an incredible job you have done--congrats! And all the food looks yummy!

Hollie said...

You are awesome! Such an inspiration!

Lilwelly5 said...

Dang Girl! You look amazing and are such an inspiration for me. Your words seem to hit just when I need them most and I can always relate to what you are saying! I feel like I am where you were a year ago and I can read your messages and see what is ahead for me if I just keep fighting and push through!
I would also love to hear what the plan is that you are following as I am working on a "jump-start" as well. I have been trying several of your recipes and all have been a great success with me and my husband (the boys are slowly coming around).

Marissa said...

You are so sweet! Means so much to me that I'm able to help others through my struggles and victories! Your comments are always so kind :)

Marissa said...

Means so much :)

Marissa said...

I truly appreciate that! Means a lot!!

Marissa said...

Well thanks! So far, so good! Keep pushing right?

Marissa said...

Absolutely! Thanks :) we are carb cycling and really focusing on no processed foods for these four weeks, I'll definitely share details soon

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