Wednesday, September 4, 2013

EFFORT? a little.

It takes effort to accomplish most things in life, wouldn't you agree?
Driving to work, school or evening activities every day.
Cleaning house.
Doing the dishes.
When you think about it, it's all things that we do NOT look forward to each day, am I right?

What about eating healthy?  Working out?  Putting effort into the foods we provide for our family?

Sure there's EFFORT involved but you must challenge yourself to change that way of thinking.  
It's less effort to brush our teeth and take a shower...I hope?! So make it less effort to take care of your health.  The health of your family.  Make it almost effortless!  Is that possible?  Well technically NO, however we can transform our lives to where healthy eating and exercise come to us like brushing our teeth.  
We will WANT to eat healthy and exercise because it's just what we do EVERY DAY.

Is it EASIER and less EFFORT to throw a pot of macaroni and cheese on the stove and call that dinner?  Well I guess.  But is that macaroni providing ANY nutritional value for your family?  Probably NOT.  

With a little planning and EFFORT, you will have easy meals ready to go each day to where there's little to no though in that dreaded saying, "What's for dinner?"
The following meal took literally 2 minutes to heat up and EAT!  Yes, two minutes...if not less!
Chicken, Broccoli, green beans and brown rice
At the start of each week, I write down a list of proteins, veggies, grains and fruits that I'll need from the store.  When I get home, I begin to prepare most of it and when it's cooked, I portion into containers so it's ready to grab and go for lunches, dinner and possibly even breakfast!
I had a large container of cooked long grain brown rice and several baked sweet potatoes
a separate container of each of the following:
green beans
zucchini and squash
-all prepared differently to add flavors to each :) to avoid repetitive eating and change it up!
We cook around 5-6 lbs of chicken on the grill or baked in the oven, dice it up and it's ready to go and then a few, go-to proteins that the whole family will enjoy throughout the week, turning it into a new meal each day!  

Dinner time is seriously EFFORTLESS! 
Like I said, a little prepping goes a LONG way!!  

I create a lot of new recipes each week, but this one definitely ranks pretty high up there!  

Move It Momma Salmon Patties
You'll Need:
2 cans Salmon
1/3 onion, chopped
one whole egg
flaxseed and hemp seed
1 boiled, tender sweet potato
Combine two cans of Salmon in water, drained really well.  Fresh salmon would probably taste even better but I was in a rush!  Add 1/3 chopped onion and stir.  It should look like the picture above.  

Boil one sweet potato in water and once cooked through and tender, drain and set aside.  

Combine 2tbs Flaxseed meal, 2 tbs hemp seed in separate bowl.

Add sweet potato to Salmon mixture, along with ONE egg.  Combine.  It should now look like picture below...

Form patties with salmon mixture and then lightly sprinkle-(DO NOT DIP-they will fall apart) with the flaxseed mixture to barely coat patties.
They should look like THIS...placed on a lightly greased pan.  Again I used TJ's coconut oil spray!
BROIL on "high" for about 10 minutes.  Since the patties are actually "cooked", this will just barely crisp/toast the outside of the patty!  Flip about 5 minutes in and you may have to leave the oven door slightly open to avoid burning.  
One serving is two patties and I served with green beans!  

Simple and this took minutes before baseball practice for my son.  It made about 12 small patties, so we have leftovers for tonight :)  LOVE when that happens.  
**Since this was a FIRST-TIME recipe, I'll probably double it in the future for easy preparation in the week ahead...this would easily make two-three meals when doubled for a family of FOUR!  


fancy nancy said...

Yes effort goes a long way!! I am so stealing those salmon patties...I LOVE salmon and that looks great!! I really like make ahead things that I can just grab when I'm hungry or pressed for time!

hiker mom said...

Those sound yummy! I have been seeing salmon patties on cooking shows and really wanted to try making them:)

jillconyers said...

I was just thinking about making salmon patties! Honest :) I've been adding a little bit of fish into my diet lately and salmon is my favorite.

Maybe it never feels effortless but in the end it's so worth it!

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