Thursday, September 19, 2013


By these ladies...and I apologize if I miss a few of them! 
You all know that my passion is to help others reach & exceed their health and fitness goals. Well I finally found a way to inspire and help STRONG & beautiful women in my community! A few weeks ago a good friend suggested I form a boot camp and I thought why not gear it toward Momma's! So I did it....we're three weeks in and I'm loving every second! THESE WOMEN INSPIRE ME. They don't quit, do not make excuses...they show up and get it done! They may not love it while they're doing it but they're doing it because they want to reach goals, or improve their health, or lose weight, or get stronger...or just want to be healthy!! How many people get to say that they workout with amazing, strong women each day? My only complaint is why I didn't start this up sooner :( 
Share your passion. Share what drives and pushes you and just maybe you can find a way to help others. 

My hope is for each of these women to leave our workouts feeling unstoppable. To feel PROUD and strong! To know that they took the time and put in the work to reach their goals! They have made me push myself's about helping each other!  
It makes me so happy to know that my struggles with weight, my former unhealthy lifestyle is a platform for how I want to live my life these days. I just hope they know how much they've truly INSPIRED me these past few weeks and I can't wait to see the goals they will crush in the future!!! 

Quick breakfast: 
5oz plain Greek
1/4 c frozen berries
And a little of your fav high fiber cereal! 
Breakfast in minutes!! 

 Or maybe breakfast for dinner? 
Box low fat blueberry muffin mix, 2 smashed ripe bananas, 1/2 c Almond Milk-unsweetened 
Two links turkey sausage, browned
Handful of fruit
Eggs/egg white scrambles with a little LF cheese...made in the microwave! 
Mmmm and ready in minutes!

Quick side option to pair with some lean protein?
Brown rice pasta boiled and then mixed with two frozen bags of veggies! Just make sure the veggies out number the pasta...especially if you have an "issue" with carbs as I do :( don't over eat your foods...
all about BALANCE & MODERATION!!!! 


fancy nancy said...

Those ladies are blessed to have you!!!

hiker mom said...

So glad bootcamp is going great! It is so inspiring to be around people who are willing to work hard to make changes in their lives:)

jillconyers said...

That is awesome! I wish I lived close enough to join!

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