Saturday, September 28, 2013


All you need to do is PROVE it to yourself...
the rest will come.
Once you prove that it IS possible, you've conquered the hard part!
For so many of us, we can't imagine life differently than it is now...

Where's the proof that the hard work and dedication will be worth it right?!

-my FitFluential ViewSport tee that was a HUGE hit at boot camp this week...I had forgotten that when you sweat, there's your "proof" and my Momma's thought it was AWESOME!  I gotta admit, it was pretty cool!
We must focus on what we want?  How do we want to feel?  
And we must ask ourselves, what PROOF do we need that this healthier life is worth it?  
Do we even need proof?  
NO but I'll give you a little anyway because I love ya ;)

But YES it was easier to slip into my size 18 "comfy pants", hop in my car and chow down on some delicious drive-thru gourmet.  To go sit down at the local Mexican restaurant and eat chips until my stomach felt like it was going to explode...I'd leave feeling less than great but it was EASY...I'll give ya that.  
But was I truly happy?  Did I feel comfortable in my own skin?  Did I avoid places because of my weight?  Did I allow my weight and health to control many aspects of my life?  No, No...yes and yes.  
And easy or not, it's no way to live...for anyone. 


If you are still looking for "PROOF", I am living proof.  
I lived the easy way.  I'd bounce back and forth through diets like they were going out of style.  I could own the phrase, "tomorrow is a new day" or "I'll start Monday"...or what about "I don't have time"?  
I've said them all.  
And I am NOT making light of that fact that Momma's lead busy lives.  We juggle a million things each day and to add workouts, healthy food prepping and eating...whew, OVERLOAD!  Right?!
But that added effort (and it can be minimal effort-trust me!) will make a lifelong difference in your life.  The lives of your family and friends.  It's contagious.  

Ok, so I said "minimal effort" and you're probably asking HOW?! 
A small, snack size apple with a spoonful of natural PB sprinkled with cinnamon!  I mean, where's the excuse on this one?  SO easy, delicious and satisfying!  Makes a great snack for adults and children :)

breakfast on the go and still "minimal effort":
one slice of Ezekiel bread, toasted.
2 eggs, scrambled in microwave-takes 3 minutes...stirring and microwaving each minute.  
1 tbs shredded 2% cheese-I've added this back into our diet sparingly-because I LOVE CHEESE :)
breakfast turkey sausage that was in a plastic container, browned with onion and garlic the day before, add to cooked eggs, stir and EAT!
Tip 1: can be wrapped in foil and eaten in the car, so NO EXCUSES!  
Tip 2:  Wrap in whole wheat tortilla for the kids, serve with fruit for a quick and healthy breakfast before school.

Meal prepping made easy:
Did everybody know that chicken can now be purchased cubed?!  Wowza!  I was SO excited because this cut yet another step out of cooking!  Yay!
1 bag of 2lbs cubed boneless skinless chicken breasts-and YES I bought it cubed, thawed it out and dumped in the skillet :)
2 bags of frozen veggies-this is the stir-fry mixture, thawed in the skillet BEFORE adding raw chicken.
I sprinkled pan with a little garlic powder and sprayed it with Coconut Oil Spray from TJ's.
Once chicken is thawed start to saute veggies with garlic, onion and a little garlic powder for added flavor.  When veggies thaw in pan, add raw chicken and saute until chicken is cooked through.  Place cooked meal into plastic package and there's several meals ready to go!
Tip 1: I add this mixture to 1/2 cup cooked brown rice for a quick meal, even on the go
Tip 2: Boil pasta, add a little butter and garlic- serve with this mixture for a more power- packed dinner for the kids!

Who's ready?
It's simple and easy LET'S DO THIS!!!!
I can hardly wait and DETAILS will come TOMORROW so stay tuned!  If you haven't followed me on Instagram: MoveItMarissa or Twitter: @TheMoveItMomma or Facebook: facebook/TheMoveItMomma or Marissa McClellen, please do because it'll require for support and accountability!  
WE WILL DO THIS TOGETHER!!!!!  Who's with me??

MORE progress:
I try to limit the "selfies" just because I'm not one to need constant gratification...I get that through my workouts, my measurements and losses on the scale!  BUT wanted you all to see that the PROOF does happen.  It can be done.  You can turn your life around.  I have gone from one extreme to a completely different way of life.  I have lost more inches, seeing more definition in my biceps, legs, calves and chest!  Woohoo!!  I feel leaner, better, happier and proud to know that I can do THIS!  We can ALL DO THIS!

I raise my children differently because of my past, my husband and I work hard each day to be that example and YOU CAN DO IT TOO!  Gather your family, friends, co-workers, neighbors...get them excited about healthy living!!!!!  We can all make a difference, change our lives and spread the love of health and fitness TOGETHER!  Woohoo, I'm pumped up just thinking about it!

And a little LOL'ing to keep your weekend going strong!
I'd consider myself pretty outdoorsy these days but this one made me laugh...
I enjoyed my smoothie in it, of course but I'm sure an ice cold beer would taste fantastic in there too!
This was from my friends at Someecards, sending a package of goodies that spread the love of laughter!  They sent cards, glasses and some funny boxes to make your family and friends laugh around the holidays!  Will share more SOON!  

Disclosure: I received these products free of charge from someecards to share my opinions and thoughts with my readers.  All opinions are 100% mine and no other compensation was received.  


jillconyers said...

You're a constant inspiration to never give up. No excuses! Oh and you look fabulous!

Elle said...

What JILL said! you DO look wonderful. And you should have lots of confidence and be so proud of yourself!

Lilwelly5 said...

I have to agree with the above comments! You are a great inspiration and look fabulous! Be proud:)

Lili J said...

Love this post! This was truly inspirational! Sometimes you just have to laugh at your "best made plans" though... This morning Hubby and I got up to run and got caught in that torrential downpour .5 mi into the run! Lol- just wasn't our day!

Marissa said...

So sweet, thank you!! I'd say you are pretty inspiring yourself ;)

Marissa said...

So nice of you! Happy that we all have one another for support ;)

Marissa said...

Thanks ;) just happy to know my words and experiences are helping others!

Marissa said...

Ha! Sometimes the weather doesn't work in our favor!! Thank you ;) your comments are always so sincere and sweet!!

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