Wednesday, September 18, 2013

do it for the feeling

 Often times we cannot imagine what that better, healthier life FEELS like.
We are so used to the way our life is right now that we can't imagine change and how it will feel. 

More than anything we should focus on the feeling.  
What it will feel like to rise above the odds, to stop giving up, and to finally prove to yourself that you are strong and worth it.  
The feeling is SO much better than an image of what healthy looks like and each of us may feel it differently
What does healthy look like anyway?
But here's what I try to focus on when it comes to finding that feeling:

  • Each positive choice that we make helps us to FEEL better.  Focus on the feeling you get after a healthy meal or a great workout, it feels great doesn't it?  Now think about the feeling after an overindulged, deep-fried meal loaded with fat and sodium?  Feel the same?  No way.  Maybe it felt good at the time because your feelings are wrapped around the good time with friends BUT the food leaves you feeling empty...or am I way off here?
Passing up those drive-thru's and heading home to a colorful, balanced meal for the entire family is what FEELS good.  Focus on THAT!

  • The feelings of tired, bloated, hungry, sad and lonely are replaced with feelings of accomplishment, pride, strength and confidence
Just one healthy choice a day when it comes to exercise and healthy eating can magically make those unhealthy feelings go away one by one and you will find a new YOU.  Each day you will grow healthier, stronger and happier.  Once you really find the balance, you'll never want to go back!

  • Your "I can't" and all other excuses are replaced with "Why not?" and "I deserve this"
You are in control.  We tell ourselves we can't so often that we learn to believe it.  Accomplishing small goals will give us the confidence booster that we may need to tackle the bigger goals and so on.  

When we speak about health and fitness, many of us start the excuses running through our heads; I have a bad knee, I'm too overweight to jog/run, I don't know how to use gym equipment, I don't have time...and on and on.  Somewhere along on your personal journey you will notice these excuses and complaints being filled in with "I never thought I could do it but I did" or "I know I can do this" just happens!

  • Your emotional eating turns into emotional workouts and passion!
Yes, it's possible.  If a girl (me!) who used to stop into any drive-thru and grab 3-4 grease-watering items can change into the girl (me!) who finished a half marathon with tears rolling down her face, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.  I changed my way of thinking and associated emotions with strength, accomplishment, and passion.  Instead of that roller coaster of "I'm sad-let's eat, I'm tired-let's eat, I'm nervous-let's eat"

  • Your body will feel amazing!
Now, I don't mean that you'll wake up looking like Cindy Crawford BUT more on the inside.  
Yes you will definitely make extraordinary change on the outside, but the inside will FEEL better too.  Your body will move more and want to sit less.  Your achy joints will start to ache a little less each day.  Your back aches, stomach troubles and swollen ankles will all begin to change.  You will FEEL unstoppable.

  • Your family will FEEL your change!
If this isn't the deal breaker, I don't know what is!
Your family will benefit from your feelings of strength and pride and will want to jump on board!  And this may take time, but it WILL happen.  Be patient and persistent and be their role model.  Let them see YOU changing, becoming fit, happy, strong and unstoppable!  Although you will still have bad days-we are all human, the good days will definitely outweigh the bad and your energy will be through the roof!
If your goals seem so far out of reach, change them!  Don't lose sight of them but focus on smaller goals...
the FEELINGS.  We all want to feel our best, don't we?  Then make that happen!  We are in control.  
And if you're one that is "stuck" as I once was, 

Now write it down.
What do you think healthy feels like?

What changes would you like to see in your life?
-would you like more energy? less fatigue? less body aches and pains? do you want to have the stamina to play with your kids/grand kids after school and work? want to know what it feels like to STOP giving up? 
Go and be incredible today because WE ARE WORTH IT!


jillconyers said...

Honestly, with all the benefits of running I think my biggest motivation comes down to simply THAT feeling. That beyond-compare feeling of when I run :)

jillconyers said...
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jillconyers said...

Sorry for the deleted post. Somehow my comment posted twice.

Lilwelly5 said...

Great post! I can relate to much of what you said- even being stuck. I love that feeling I get from working out, running, being active, and making healthy choices! When I focus on those things I feel powerful and in control of me. I need to learn to focus on that instead of focusing on my "idea" of what healthy LOOKS like and struggling to be that person.

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