Monday, June 23, 2014


Confirmation was received this morning!  
I registered myself and my Move It Mommas into the lottery for the 
Houston Aramco Half Marathon 
This will be my third time conquering this race and I couldn't be more excited!

Left: Aramco 2012                                    Right: Aramco 2014

My life has changed so much since that day in 2012.  I thought my journey had ended but in reality I was stuck...happy that I had changed my life from the girl I used to be, not knowing that I had a lot more changing to do.  
I was eating healthy, meaning no late night fast food runs and limited my junk food consumption BUT a lot of 100 calorie packs and cracker munching happening out of boredom which I confused with hunger...and I was workout out A LOT.  Seven days a week-strictly cardiovascular activity, no weights or strength training.  

Fast forward to the same race in 2014 (pictured right), WHAT A CHANGE!
Not only with my foods, weight, exercise routine but with my Move It Mommas.  They have changed my journey.  Taken me down a path I never knew existed.  They have inspired me, motivated me and now we'll be taking on this race, hoping to inspire them with the love of running the way it has captured myself and my husband!  
Some are terrified, some are excited but we will ALL cross that finish line.  
I RESPECT running.  I may not love every moment of it but it's part of me.  
Part of my journey and part of what keeps me going...
a symbol of how far I've come and how much more I am capable of in the future.  

Last year's Aramco race I was famous...Ha!  I made the webpage with this finish line photo!
The face describes it SO well.  
I am shocked each time I take on 13.1 miles.  It is a struggle for me.  It represents so much defeat from years past.  It represents the desire to change but being afraid to try.  It represents being that girl that thought she wasn't good enough.  The girl who quit before beginning. 
I have slowly shed her along the way.  With each mile.  With each workout.

As you can see, I am forever changed.  
When we eliminate fear and doubt, there's a whole world out there for us.  We open the doors on new life, new adventures and feelings.  It's amazing and the best part journey is far from over.  I plan to inspire the world around me to seek their healthiest life!  These ladies that will cross that finish line along with me...they are strong, fearless and determined...and YOU ARE TOO!!!   
One is a CANCER SURVIVOR, some have lost weight, gained strength, found a way to inspire and motivate their families and friends.  I'm telling you THEY ARE INCREDIBLE!!!!  And we are growing in numbers every day!  I have women joining our group to be a part of the inspiration...a part of the magic that takes place among these ladies.  I am only a small part of what makes this group a success.  It takes all of us working together to push down obstacles that stand in our way!  
Can't imagine sharing this race and this moment any other way!  The Move It Mommas are a HUGE part of my life and forever will be so why not tackle a half marathon while we're at it? Three of us did it together in February, along with many of our women completing the 5K so this will be yet another life-changing, incredible moment for us to share and I can't wait!!!!!

Pictures from the race 2014...
Hard to NOT be inspired by THOUSANDS of runners...all ages, shapes, sizes and struggles 

I tell this to myself often while working out or running...
It's SO true.
The courage to START is often the hardest part.  
We'll make excuses and find "better things to do" but the truth is...
It takes courage, strength and determination to START and we get out there every day and do that...and it matters!
We must stop making excuses because they only hold us back.

Get out there and TRY something new.  Find a group that lifts you up and makes you feel strong and healthy.  When we have other people supporting us and cheering us along the way, it makes the journey unforgettable.  We NEVER QUIT and I hope you're right there with me :)

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fancy nancy said...

How exciting!!! You've made an awesome example for your Move it Mommas with your life!

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