Monday, June 9, 2014

make change happen!

I did a lot of wishing for change...

Sadly, I never improved my health until I made the change happen for myself!
Nobody is going to do the work for you.  
No magic pill or rubbing of the me, I tried it :) 

If you've followed my journey you will know that this before picture is where I stayed for a long time...a size 12.  (Although the beginning of my journey I was far worse-a size 22, unhealthy and unsure of where my life would take me. more on my weight loss story HERE)  

In the picture on the left I stuck to cardio-lots of cardio.  Running, spinning, elliptical workouts, etc.  No strength training and ate fairly "healthy".  
By "healthy" I mean 100 calorie packs of cookies instead of the entire box, lean cuisines and Baked chips.  Anyone relate?
It was healthIER than my former options when I was extremely overweight so I thought it was where I was meant to be?

On the right:  My life has changed significantly.  
I realized that when the road ends, we find a new road, a new challenge...and we keep going. 

In my past, I'd do great for a while and find myself wanting to revert back constantly.  It was comfortable for me to lean on foods for much more than nutritional needs.    
I'd rely on food to set my moods, my attitude and of course my self-destruction. 

These days to keep myself motivated I rely on ME.  
Nobody is going to do the work for me.  Nobody is forcing me to be healthy.  
I have to WANT it badly enough and fight for it hard enough to keep it.  
I had to make the change happen...
And when I did, everything changed.  
Today I focus on balance, increasing my protein and fiber while limiting my processed foods.  Of course I indulge but it is done in moderation and I must make the decision EVERY day to be healthy.  

My foods have changed more than anything else-
If Mexican food and Italian food are a weakness to my husband and I, we limit how often we eat it. Instead of putting ourselves in those atmospheres constantly setting up for failure and temptation, we limit it to special occasions and that's okay.  I have also found MANY healthy options for these foods so that we don't feel as though we are missing out.  We LOVE food and that's okay too!  I am Italian...what Italian doesn't love food?!  Ha!  
While camping with my family over the weekend I found my options limited until we went shopping so I opted for grapes, a little Neuftchael cheese and Boars Head low sodium turkey breast.  Not the healthiest option but it was far better than what I would've chosen years ago.  
The difference?  I make healthy eating a PRIORITY.  If it's not somewhat balanced, I find an option that is.  Simple as that.  
For years, I'd live off of processed, "healthy" foods because they were a better option however they were not the BEST option.  These days I try very hard to make the best option possible in most situations.  

I am now in charge of motivating and inspiring women in my area 
along with many of you (hopefully!).  I couldn't have asked for a better job and task.  
To have gone through all of the challenges of gaining, losing, gaining and losing weight a million's all worth it when I look into their eyes.  
I am their leader, their "Head Momma" that is proof that it CAN be done.  
I am PROOF to these ladies that the hard work pays off.  The work is worth it!  They see hope and change and they trust the process.  We all have obstacles and bumpy roads but I wouldn't wish living life from the sidelines on ANYONE.  We were born to LIVE, to go on adventures with our families, making memories, conquering fears and accepting challenges that come our way.  
It is what makes us STRONG, BEAUTIFUL and AMAZING WOMEN right?!  RIGHT!   


Sweat Is My Sanity said...

Very cool. I love to see your transformation pics. A-mazing! xo

Taylor LeMay said...

Great attitude, just what I needed to read right now :)

Jennifer A said...

You have done amazing! I am so proud of your journey.

Annette said...

Congrats Marissa! You look AMAZING!!!

fancy nancy said...

Marissa you are a picture of what dedication and hard work looks like! You have an amazing attitude and look fabulous!!!! You are as always an inspiration!!

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