Wednesday, June 4, 2014

National Running Day reflections!

Did you celebrate?

My ladies and I celebrated by pushing ourselves through an intense workout with lots of...
Running honestly changed my life...
It created a new path for my journey and for that I am forever grateful.  
I feared running for most of my life.
It challenged me, defeated me and made me feel weak.
I would see that finish line as nothing more than an obstacle that got the best of me time and time again.  

It wasn't until my mind changed that my heart followed and allowed running to take a special place on my journey.  

While running defeated me even after I had grown to appreciate it, I have learned after each half marathon that

those miles between the START and FINISH line are what matter most.  
They are the reflection.  
They symbolize all of those years that I quit on me. 

The "START LINE" was simple...
Just as the beginning of a goal is simple.  When we first set out to accomplish weight loss, getting healthy or gaining muscular and heart strength.  It's easy, isn't it?  
The "FINISH LINE" symbolizes something I reached often on my journey.  For years I'd lose 30lbs, be proud, fit into smaller clothes and BOOM! the weight would come creeping back on because I was "finished", wasn't I?

It's those miles between-the bumps ON the journey or IN that race that seem to challenge us most.  For me, they were HARD...they will always be hard.  
Mile 2, 3...10, 11-those are tough.  
They symbolize SO much for me.  The years I gave up.  
I thought-this is too hard, why keep fighting for something that seems so far out of reach?  My journey knows no finish line but as I complete these races, I am better.  I am stronger.  I am NO longer defeated.  I know my own strength, I am passionate about healthy living and I am in control. I control what my body does, what food goes in and how much I am willing to dedicate to this healthy life.  
If it was easy on those miles in between, we'd all be doing it.  If it was easy, I wouldn't have failed a million times before.  If it was easy I wouldn't dedicate my life to helping women fight for those miles, those moments in between that tend to send us back to where we started.  
Mile 12 is SO hard.  It's a mind game when your body feels weak and you feel like you have nothing left to give.  You find strength somewhere buried deep within and it pushes you further, further until you reach mile marker 13.  I can imagine it feels the same on any long distance run, however 13 has been my limit thus far :) This mile can often symbolize those stubborn, last 15lbs that won't seem to go away or our "love handles", big booty or pudgy tummy...if we keep at it, we will see results, Mile 13 will be in clear sight.  

Do I love running?
Not sure, but I appreciate and respect it.  It is a way for me to test my strength, my endurance and it tests my NEVER QUIT attitude with each mile.  
It's TOUGH and it challenges every muscle in our body. 
BUT if we keep pushing forward the reward and feeling is much greater than NEVER TRYING.  

How will YOU celebrate today?  
What does running mean to YOU?

...and Trader Joes has done it again!  Pulled off an amazing breakfast option that I'll no longer be living without :)
THESE are amazing!
I toasted it this morning with a tbs of PB melted in the center!  Ohhhhh my!!

Don't make it complicated.  Keep things simple and tasty!  I still LOVE food so I want things to taste good while being good for me and that can be a challenge but I'm up for it.  Thankfully I have found MANY healthy options that seem to work great for my family and I on this is never ending and if we all push forward together, share struggles, secrets and triumphs then this journey will forever change us...heck, it'll change the world!!!  I am hopeful :)  and I hope you are too!


Kelly Sebelius said...

I LOVE the part about not being sure if you love running, but appreciating and respecting it. Describes exactly how I feel about it. Thanks for bringing it into my life. Would never have tried it if not for the Move It Mommas.

jillconyers said...

I celebrated with a run date with my husband :)

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