Monday, July 28, 2014

Do Something!

I find that most of the time my "hunger" is based on boredom. 

If I am hanging around in my pj's, snacking on crackers and watching TV I tend to stay that way throughout the day.  IF I make wiser choices the moment I wake up then I'm more eager to make positive choices throughout the day.  For me, it's a fact that you if you leave me with nothing to do, I'll snack.  If you leave me feeling overwhelmed or anxious, I'll snack.  
SO to fight the temptation or mindless eating...
At work, simply stay away from the workroom/lounge if there's leftovers galore or a cake sitting in there calling your name.  If you can't see it, it's less likely to tempt you.  

I plan ahead which is VERY important when maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
It is SO easy to just grab food as you move through your daily routine.  
IF we plan ahead and have quick, healthy alternatives then we are more likely to stay satisfied rather than think of the million things lingering in the vending machine, right?!  RIGHT!

For me, I plan my meals the evening before.  I run it quickly through my head and then move on with my day.  It's simple and keeps me focused.  

I wake up and decide EVERY morning to make a healthy breakfast 
because I know myself well and if my routine gets out of whack, 
I'll come crashing down allowing one unhealthy meal after another...

Simple solutions?  Keep it Quick and easy!  Oats, high fiber/high protein cereal or a quick egg/egg white combo, sprouted bread and fruit!  Bam!  Simple and delicious.  

I'm one that WILL NOT eat the same foods day after day.  I know that in my past this led to crash and burn where I'd gain more than I lost in the first place :( ...yep, the old two steps forward, three steps back.  

If I'm craving something sweet, I practice moderation and use what I have on hand because if I wander into a store hungry or craving a specific food, I'll walk out with ENTIRELY too much and find myself unable to control my portions at all.  
For someone who loves to eat just to eat, this can lead to BAD things.  

The other day I had a sweet tooth so I created this low carb/high fiber tortilla layered with 2tbs Neuftchael cheese, cinnamon and a small, chopped Gala apple.  
I rolled it up, put it in the toaster oven at 400 until crispy and bubbly.  

We split it into thirds.  The boys and I shared this healthy treat and it was DELICIOUS!  
The cheese is so creamy and bubbly and then the slight crunch from the apple...OH SO GOOD!

The key is to NOT allow yourself to fail.  
Pick yourself back up and keep trying no matter what.  Try new things.  
If you get tired of the same workout routine then CHANGE IT UP!
If you are sick of eating chicken every night for dinner then CHANGE IT UP!
The way I see it, we must find things that we enjoy.  
Whether it's spin class at the gym or an outdoor boot camp.  

If we don't enjoy it, then we're more likely to think of a million reasons to QUIT.  

Same with your diet, if you find yourself eating dry chicken breasts on lettuce five nights a week, you will start to cringe as you prepare it which only leads to a major break down, leading to binge eating at the local buffet.  Eeeeek.  This method I knew all too well. 

So find foods the whole family loves.  If you try a new recipe and it's a major failure...
keep trying and changing it until it becomes something you like.  

I am 100% positive that those full-fat, full of grease cheeseburgers I used to crave and devour were DISGUSTING but in my mind they'd fill a void for me time and time again...whether it was stress, exhaustion, frustration...that cheeseburger would fill it 
and then leave me feeling empty and lost. 

PICK YOURSELF UP and find something FUN to do with your time rather than waste away in front of the TV or inside that bag of chips!  

You will never regret a workout, a hike with family or a bike ride with friends.  
You will never regret opting away from the cheeseburger and french fries 
but grabbing that grilled chicken breast and veggies. 

You will NEVER regret feeling healthy and strong.  
You will always regret feeling sorry for yourself rather than doing something about it so 

To change the world, we must create a world where it's popular to make the healthy choice.  
A place where HEALTHY IS THE NORM!
I envision a world where the line to grab a funnel cake is non-existent while the line for fresh fruits and whole foods wraps around the building!!!  Wouldn't that be great?  But many of you probably laugh because it is SO far from where we are today as a society...but it honestly frightens me.  

Our obesity epidemic is rising, our restaurant and take-out portions are 2-3 servings and we are treating health-related illnesses more than ever...
YET we can't seem to understand WHY or how to change it?!  
*We went to Houston Texans training camp today and had a BLAST but it did bother me that the ONLY food options were deep-fried funnel cakes (they were everywhere!) and ice cream.  
Really Houston?  
I shouldn't be surprised since the Houston Rodeo was awful as well.  Deep fried twinkies and turkey legs so large that you needed two people to hold it...EEEEEK.  

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